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FS Modular System to a Robust Interconnect Network

A state-of-the-art fiber optic management system which facilitates fast, flexible and future-proofed
connectivity in the data center.

FHD Fiber Enclosure
FHD MTP-LC Cassette
FHD Adapter Panel
FHX Fiber Enclosure
FHX MTP-LC Cassette
FHX Adapter Panel
FHU 40G Breakout Panel
FHU Adapter Panel
  • FHD Series Patching Solution

    High DensityFlexible MountingData Center

    A flexible and modular system in 1U/2U/4U for
    managing and patching largest fiber up to 288 fibers.

  • FHX Series Patching Solution

    Ultra High DensityFlexible MountingData Center

    Only 1U rack with 3 layers holder to manage largest core up
    to 144, highest densities utilization and minimizing floor space.

  • FHU Series Patching Solution

    Ultra High DensitySpace-SavingData Center

    Serving as standard rack mount, serialized
    and applied to create a complete system for connectivity.

Why Choose FS.COM?

  • Best solutions provided by experienced engineers for different applications.

  • Modular products makes better system management and space saving.

  • The cost-effictive solution saves much budget in a packet optical network.

  • Tailroed packaging & 24 hours online service eliminates any after-sale worries.

How to get more support?

FS.COM focus on data center, enterprise and optical transmission network solution to help you build exactly what you need.
Please contact Tech Support:, or Sales Team: