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FS Enterprise Switches Solution

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With rapid changes of Internet, using enterprise switches to upgrade the network would be a great decision to cope with the turbulent business environment and respond to new opportunities immediately.

Enterprise switch solution

FS Enterprise Switches Deployment Example

FS enterprise switches are designed to meet the demand of cost-effective Gigabit access or aggregation for enterprise networks and operators customers. Moreover, our enterprise switches offer flexible port combination form to facilitate user operations so that you can directly connect to a high-performance storage server or deploy a long-distance uplink to another switch. Here shows a deployment example using FS enterprise switches.

FS enterprise switches deployment example

FS Enterprise Switches Hardware Specifications

The specifications of those four switches in the example above are listed below.

FS enterprise switches specification

Here is the detailed information about the ports on four enterprise switches.

FS enterprise switches S3800-24F4S

FS Switch: S3800-24F4S


FS Switch: S3800-24T4S


FS Switch: S3800-48T4S


FS Switch: S2800-24T4F

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