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SC/APC monomodo férula elite prepulida montaje en campo Conector rápido
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SC/APC monomodo férula elite prepulida montaje en campo Conector rápido

US$  3.40
Disponibilidad: Disponible,  El pedido realizado hoy se enviará dentro de 5 días laborales
El tiempo de envío real puede variar con el tiempo estimado, depende del tiempo de tramitación, del código postal de destino, del servicio de envío seleccionado y del recibo del pago liquidado.
Pre-polished Ferrule Elite Fast Connector
The Field Assembly Connector products have been factory-polished, eliminating the need for any polishing materials, thereby enabling the preparation and termination of optical fibres in a fraction of the time of other conventional methods. The connector also uses V-groove mechanical splice principals and therefore the use of an epoxy is not required for the termination of the connector. This Fast Connector offers convenience in assembling and strong stability. It allows simple optical core connection without any additional practices, or adhesives. It does not require a working space by connecting itself in the challenging environments such as a telephone pole and a manhole. It reconnects the cables and reduces the connection defect rate by an installer error in the field.

U1 elite filed installation connector(Elite FIC) can meet drop cable and indoor cable(3.0mm and 2.0mm) terminated.In FTTH, every house owns different requirement of cable length, traditional factory patch cord become very difficult to meet the FTTH.U1 elite filed installation connector(Elite FIC) can perfect fulfill the custom cable length, it can be installed in field, no epoxy, no power deed, it can be installed in 1 minutes. most important, it can provide the outstanding optical performance.
Key Features
Elite FIC, Provide the outstanding performance The quickest operation, no need any housing assemblyNo epoxy and polishing required No expensive tools required Quick and easy fiber termination Precision mechanical alignment insures low insertion loss Superior optical performance Streamlined component design, convenient operation
Fiber optic communication system and telecommunication networks Fiber optic data transmission CATV Optical access network Fibre to the Subscriber (FTTx) applications Optical cable interconnection Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks Repair/replacement requirements Fiber optic equipment
Structure Example
Installation Example
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