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6 Fibers Multimode 50/125 OM2, LSZH, Non-Armored, Central Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor Cable
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6 Fibers Multimode 50/125 OM2, LSZH, Non-Armored, Central Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor Cable


With LSZH good flame retardant performance, widely used in installation between and within buildings, especially for cable deployment in building backbone wiring.


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6 Fibers Multimode 50/125 OM2, LSZH, Non-Armored, Central Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor Cable
Indoor/outdoor cables combine the flame resistance and safety features of an indoor riser or plenum cable with the durability that is critical for outside plant cable. LSZH material Jacket has good flame retardant performance. The loose tube surrounded by the aramid yarn and grease provides special protection for the fiber. The primary advantage of the cable is the ability to transition from the outdoor to indoor environment with the same cable, thus eliminating a splice/connector point.

Cable TypeCenter Loose Tube CableFiber Count6 Fibers
Outer JacketLSZH (Orange)Fiber TypeMultimode 50/125 OM2
Cable Diameter6.0mmCable Weight45kg/km
Tensile Strength (long/short term)200/600NCrush Load (long/short term)200/1000 (N/100mm)
Bending Radius (long/short term)10D/20D (mm)Operating/Storage Temperature-40 to +75°C/-20 to +60°C
Feature and Application

High density, easy to install Low shrinkage and high tensile strength Moisture-resistant and flame-retardant LSZH polymer Default jacket is blue, other color also can be customized Enhances system performance by avoiding additional splice point attenuation Loose tube isolates fibers from outside environment and mechanical stresses
Private networksLocal area networksAerial, duct applications and entrance facilitiesCable trays and general horizontal applicationsDesigned to reduce smoke & hazardous emissions in confined spacesInterbuilding and intrabuilding voice or data communication backbones
Ideal Solution for Non-Armored Central Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor Cable
Indoor/outdoor cable can be transited from outdoor to indoor environment without a splice/connector point. With moisture-resistant and flame-retardant LSZH polymer, non-armored central loose tube LSZH indoor/outdoor cable is ideal for cable deployment in interbuilding and intrabuilding backbone wiring. It's also widely used in campus LAN and WAN.
Packaging & Labeling
FS.COM offers two types of cable package. Package 1 is usually for indoor, light weight cables. Package 2 is usually for outdoor, heavy weight cables. Usually we only attach Test Report on the out package of the cable, but we could also mark as your requirements.

More customized needs please contact .
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