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Cable personalizado para exterior- GYTA(S)53
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Cable personalizado para exterior- GYTA(S)53


El cable blindado impermeable con aparato de refuerzo metálico y tubo holgado trenzado está diseñado para la instalación directamente enterrada. Puede ser enterrado en la tierra en un foso directamente o utilizando un arado viratorio.


Custom 2-96 Fibers Double-Armored Double-Jacket, Stranded Loose Tube, Steel Wire Strength, Waterproof Waterproof Outdoor Cable
GYTA53 uses metal strength member as central strength member to provide excellent strain performance of the cable. Double-jacket structure provide the cable nice properties of moisture resistance and crush resistance. Double armor structure provides cable good property of rodent-resistance. High strength loose tube is hydrolysis resistant. A layer of water-blocking material is applied around the cable core to prevent water ingress. It can be used for duct and direct buried application, suitable for harsh environments.

Cable TypeDouble-Armored OutdoorFiber Count2-96 Fibers
ConstructionStranded Loose TubeFiber TypeSM/MM
Inner/Outer JacketPE (Black)Central Strength MemberSteel Wire
Armor LayerCorrugated Steel Tape and Aluminum TapeApplicationBuried and Duct
Tensile Strength (long/short term)1000/3000NCrush Load (long/short term)1000/3000 (N/100mm)
Bending Radius (long/short term)10D/20D(mm)Operating/Storage Temperature-40 to +60°C
Feature and Application

Low attenuation and dispersion Good mechanical and temperature performance Stranded loose tube improves the tensile strength Metal strength member provides excellent strain performance Double-jacket structure enusres moisture resistance and crush resistance Steel tape and aluminum tape enhances water-blocking & moisture-proof performance
Harsh environment Adopted to outdoor distribution CATV & computer networks systemLong distance and local area network communicationUsed for duct and buried laying methodSpecially used where good mechanical performance and rodent resistance are expected
Ideal Solution by Double-Armored Direct-buried Cable
Double-Armored Direct-buried Cable has good waterproof and anti-electromagnetic interference ability, can be used for duct and direct buried application, suitable for frequent lightning area and anti electric field.
Packaging & Labeling
FS.COM offers two types of cable package. Package 1 is usually for indoor, light weight cables. Package 2 is usually for outdoor, heavy weight cables. Usually we only attach Test Report on the out package of the cable, but we could also mark as your requirements.

More customized needs please contact .
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