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1-5/16" J-Haken Kabelunterstützung Hammer-On, Up zu 1/8'' Dick im Flansch
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1-5/16" J-Haken Kabelunterstützung Hammer-On, Up zu 1/8'' Dick im Flansch


Manages efficiently structured cabling system, which gives the users a proper and scientific support to install cables

FS P/N: FS-JH-HO-1-5/16
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1-5/16" J-Hook Cable Support With Hammer-On, Up To 1/8 Inch Thick In Flange
1-5/16" J-Hooks with hammer on beam clamp cable support can be attached to a flange that is up to 1/8 inch thick. The hammer on beam clamp can rotate 360 degrees to support various directional runs of cable. They are versatile and are easily attached by using only a hammer. These support hooks Provides optimal support for high-performance data cable, up to and including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7 and fiber optic. Their continuous wide base radius design supports the natural bends and curves of cable.

Part NumberFS-JH-HO-1-5/16Product TypeJ-Hook
MaterialSteelInstallationWith Hammer On
FinishPre-GalvanizedFlange Thickness(FT)up to 1/8 Inch
Cable Capacity50 Cat 5e or 32 Cat 6Static Load30lb

Requires only a hammer to install, fast and easy Rounded edges on J-Hooks provide proper bend radius support Cost effective alternative to expensive cable tray Provides more headroom capability Interchangeable with a variety of accessories
J Hook Cable Support System
Versatile and Economical Solutions to Cable Management
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