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4" J-Hook Cable Support With 1/4" Beam Clamp Attachment
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4" J-Hook Cable Support With 1/4" Beam Clamp Attachment


Manages efficiently structured cabling system, which gives the users a proper and scientific support to install cables

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4" J-Hook Cable Support With 1/4" Beam Clamp Attachment
4" J-Hook with beam clamp cable support has a preinstalled beam clamp making installation fast and easy. These versatile hooks can be attached to a wide variety of structures. The beam clamp can swivel 360 degrees to secure the hook at any rotation. These support hooks eliminate the problem of point loads that can cause band width damage to sensitive cables such as fiber optic, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7 or many others. Their continuous wide base radius design supports the natural bends and curves of cable.

Part NumberFS-JH-BC-4Product TypeJ-Hook
MaterialSteelMount Type1/4" Beam Clamp
Cable Capacity300 Cat 5e or 185 Cat 6Static Load30lb

Easy installation to beam flanges Rotates 360 degrees to support various directional runs of cable Rounded edges on J-Hooks provide proper bend radius support Cost effective, alternative to expensive cable tray Interchangeable with a variety of accessories
J Hook Cable Support System
Versatile and Economical Solutions to Cable Management
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