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45U 12" weiter Metall Einzelnseite Hohe Dichte Vertikales Kabelmanagment mit Kunststofffinger mit Deckel
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45U 12" weiter Metall Einzelnseite Hohe Dichte Vertikales Kabelmanagment mit Kunststofffinger mit Deckel


Providing a premium appearance capable of supporting today's high speed network cabling system

54,00 €  Ohne MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich,  Geschätzt am Tue. Oct. 17
45RU 12"Wide Metal Single Sided High Density Vertical Cable Management With Plastic Fingers With Cover
Vertical Cable Management provides an engineered solution for managing high-density cabling applications on open two-post and four-post Rack Systems. T-Shape plastic fingers align with rack spaces to ensure proper bend radius control and support cables as they transition to the vertical pathway. This frees up rack space for additional patch panels, active equipment, or cable pathways reducing the number of racks that may be required for the network layout.

Part NumberVCM-45RU-12-S-HDProduct TypeVertical Cable Management
No. of Rack Spaces45RUSide TypeSingle Sided
CoverSteelDimensions([D] × [H] × [W]mm)180× 2053 × 305
Rack System Width (In.)19,23RoHS Compliancy StatusCompliant

Covers (not provided) conceal all vertical cable routing and can open left and right Snap hinges provide trouble free access to cables Excellent pathway definition for ease of management, preventing tangling and ensuring integrity of lay-out Backplates feature multiple holes for toollessly mounting accessories High capacity cable finger design provide maximum capacity at every rackspace unit
Simplified Cable Management For Rack System
Single-sided & Double-sided Vertical Cable Management
Vertical managers are available in single-sided, double-sided to match cabling requirements.
There are a wide range of accessories, such as cable spool kit, cable distribution spools, spool spacer kit, cable ring kit, etc. designed for use in various open racks, server enclosures and network cabinets systems to divide the interior space for enhanced cable management, creating a separate interior pathway for fiber cables.
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