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9/10''x9/10'' Schwarzes Nylon flexible Rohr Zebehör/T Steckverbinder, 100Stk/Tasche
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9/10''x9/10'' Schwarzes Nylon flexible Rohr Zebehör/T Steckverbinder, 100Stk/Tasche


Provide a secure way to join CLT at junctions and breakouts while improving the appearance of wire harnesses.

FS P/N: PA-WLT-25-25-FS
US$  280,00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich,  Wenn Sie den Auftrag heute bestellen, wird das Artikel innerhalb von 5 Werktagen versandt.
Die tatsächliche Versandzeit kann mit der geschätzten Zeit variieren. Sie hängt von der Bearbeitungszeit, dem Bestimmungsort, dem ausgewählten Versanddienst und Erhalt der gebuchten Zahlung.
Nylon Corrugated Wire Loom Fittings/Tee Connectors
Corrugated wire loom fittings are connectors that allow safe branching of wires with a simple snap. Available in heat stabilized nylon and TPE rubber materials, it is designed to provide a secure way to join corrugated wire loom at junctions and breakouts while protecting them from high temperature and abrasion. They are widely used for building wire harnesses and can be used in various applications such as automotive and industry. It is ideal for better cable management and gives a professional appearance to your cable runs.

Available in various size Corrugated Wire Loom Fittings/Tee Connectors. Branch and trunk diameter can be flexibly matched according to your wire loom. If you have any customized requirement, please contact us sales@fs.com for help.

Part NumberPA-WLT-25-25-FSMaterialPolyamides
Branch Diameter9/10''(25mm)Trunk Diameter9/10''(25mm)
Operating Temperature-40°C to 120°C(-40°F to 248°F)Protection LevelsIP66
Wire Loom Fittings provide a secure way to join CLT at junctions and breakouts while improving the appearance of wire harnesses.

Virtually eliminates taping Locking latch design Durable polyamides shell Reduces production time and operator fatigue Protect and reduce the risk of damage to wiring Light weight, easy to assemble and simply snap together Work with most popular sizes of Corrugated Loom Tubing Hold in place with push type cable ties adhesive or push type mount Crush impact and abrasion, gas, oil, and various chemicals resistant
Connect and Streamline Your Wire Loom Cable Management System
1. Bundle wires in control panels.
2. Manage a variety of wires and cables, including fiber optic.
3. Route wires in truck, trailer, conversion van, recreational vehicle and marine industries.
4. Used for efficient harness assembly, wire and cable environment protection, easy breakouts for custom. installations, and abrasion protection.
Wire Loom Fitting, A Perfect Match for Wire Loom
FS provides wire loom fittings suitable for wire loom in various materials.
The combination of wire loom tubing and fitting provide better organization and management of cables in all directions.
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