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Blank Keyflag Cable Identification Tags, Flexible and Easy to Write on, 10 Flags /pack
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Blank Keyflag Cable Identification Tags, Flexible and Easy to Write on, 10 Flags /pack


Fast Identication, for easy cable management

FS P/N: CIT-KF-001
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Product Details
Part NumberCIT001Vendor NameFiberstore
Package Measurements4"(L) x 11"(W) x 1/4"(H) [101.60mmx279.40mmx6.35mm]Writting Surface Dimensions1-1/2" [25.4mm-12.70mm] Long x 3/8" [9.53mm] at widest point
Package10 Flags /pack Full Tag Dimensions2-3/4"[69.85mm] Long x 3/8"[95.25mm] at widest point
Locking Way0.9mm SimplexColorYellow
PackageSelf locking designReusableYes
Quickly identify your cables and prevent accidental removal with this tagged cable labelling solution
Our plastic tie is simply the best way to label cables. You'll avoid costly mistakes, protect expensive equipment, and always find the right plug with our easy, fast, and low-cost solution. They are easy to set up and easy to install. Plus, our blank write-on tags are a great value - you have just the label you need.
Easy To Write On and Easily Know Exactly Which Cables To Plug Or Unplug
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