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305m (1000ft) Spool Cat7 Geschirmt und Foiled(SFTP) Solide LSZH Bulk Ethernet Kabel-Lila
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305m (1000ft) Spool Cat7 Geschirmt und Foiled(SFTP) Solide LSZH Bulk Ethernet Kabel-Lila


Ideal for high-speed applications and suitable for installation in vertical runs across multiple floors, cost-effective with custom lengths

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CAT6 Bulk Cable, Unshielded (UTP), Solid Core, PVC, 23 AWG, 250MHz
Category 6 cable was designed to perform at frequencies of up to 250 MHz and support data rates of 1Gps for up to distances of 100 metres. Some will also support 10 Gigabit speeds, but likely with limitations on length up to 55 metres. It fully backward compatible with all the previous categories.
Cat6 UTP cables are constructed to create a round and flexible cable for easy pulling and stripping of the PVC jacket.
FS.COM provides perfect custom service varying from different lengths and different colors for easily network installation.
Product Features

Length - 305m Color - Green Cable jacket - PVC Ideal for high-speed applications Low attenuation and power-sum crosstalk
Solid Copper Core 23AWG 4 pair copper wireRated to 250Mhz headroom568B wiring, category 6 ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 standardUnshielded twisted pair (UTP) wires
Solid Core Vs Stranded Core
Differences Between UTP and STP
The S stands for Shielded, the U stands for Unshielded, and the TP stands for twisted pair for both.
For most common uses, it does not really matter whether you use STP or UTP as both would probably perform well.
Colorful Network Cables Help Easily Identify Different Networks or Uses in Datacenter
Colorful network cable is an effective way to minimize an chaos and help easily identify different networks or uses in datacenter. It is particularly helpful for you to deal with cumbersome cables works and is a feast for the eye with different colors cables neatly displayed.
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