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Customized dual fiber DWDM OADM East-and-West, 1RU rack mount/half 19”/1RU module/splice pigtailed ABS module
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Customized dual fiber DWDM OADM East-and-West, 1RU rack mount/half 19”/1RU module/splice pigtailed ABS module


NO. of channels, wavelength, connector and package type can all be customized. Special service ports are optional.

Line Type:
Hinzufügen die Kanäle:
Reduzieren die Kanäle:
Express Ch. Port-Isolation ist weniger als 15 dB als Standard,Wenn Sie 16dB ~40dB brauchen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.
Prozent von Monitoranschluss-Tap ist 5% als Standard,Wenn Sie 1%, 2%, 3%, oder 10% brauchen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.
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Customized dual fiber DWDM OADM East-and-West, 100GHz, duplex LC/SC/ST/FC
FS.COM has specialized on optical wavelength division multiplexing from C15 to C62 & from H15 to H62, 0.8nm spacing. Any channels are available. No external power supply is needed.

We offer various housing types for DWDM Add+Drop multiplexer, ranging from 1RU 19”chassis and flexible half 19”/1RU plug-and-play module to spliced/pigtailed ABS modules that allows assisting system design and manufacturing. Duplex LC/SC/ST/FC connectors, UPC/APC polish are optional.

Different external functions could be combined, like cascade several muxes, by special service port with monitor/expansion/1310nm port.
Multiple use of DWDM wavelengths
Using the east and west DWDM/AD modules, network designers can add new access points anywhere on a DWDM network, without impacting the remaining channels traversing the network.
Add&drop DWDM in a ring: DSLAM backhauling and shift-in
In this application, FS.COM Dual-direction DWDM/AD OADM modules are utilized in a fiber ring architecture to provide point-to-point connectivity with redundant-path protection for two new Ethernet networks.

One OADM module is installed at each Ethernet switch location. Each module adds/drops the appropriate DWDM wavelength, while transparently passing the remaining wavelengths through the common ports.
Contact FS.COM, customize your OADM housing, fit your space
1RU 19'' rack mount chassis.
Plug-and-play module: standard LGX module, half 19"/1RU module and quarter 19"1RU module. They are quick and easy to be installed in various chassis for space saving.

Splice/pigtailed ABS module, perfect for assisting system design and manufacturing, like to be installed in outdoor distribution box.
Free to add monitor/expansion/1310nm/1550nm port for external functions
Monitor port: simplify turn-up operations of DWDM networks, and can be used for in-service monitoring of the DWDM signals by connecting an optical spectrum analyzer or a power meter, 1% ratio as default.

Expansion port: be used to cascade two Add/Drop modules to double the channel capacity on the common fiber link. For example, two 4-Channel Add/Drop modules can be cascaded to create an 8-Channel fiber common link.

1310nm port: allows the overlaid on an existing legacy 1310nm network such as 1000Base SFP LX, 10G SFP+ LR, 40G QSFP+ LR4 and 100G CFP LR4. CWDM wavelengths 1270, 1290, 1310, 1330 and 1350nm should not be used.

1550nm port: lows the overlaid on an existing legacy 1550nm network such as 1000Base SFP ZX and 10G SFP+ ZR. CWDM wavelengths 1510, 1530, 1550, 1570 and 1590nm should not be used.
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