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Faser Cleaning Wipes FOC-0304 (100pcs/Packung)
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Faser Cleaning Wipes FOC-0304 (100pcs/Packung)


Applicable for cleaning optical surfaces, precision instruments, tools, and electronic equipment without any residual

FS P/N: FOC-0304-FS
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Optical fiber cleaning cloth
FOC-0304 cleanroom wipers are the most widely used wipers in highly critical areas (class10-1000 cleanroom). They are lint-free, non-abrasive, thus they can provide superior cleaning of fiber optic connector ferrules without risk of scratching or lint residue.They are often used for cleaning optical surfaces, precision instruments, tools, and electronic equipment. Three kinds of size types, such as 4x 4, 6x 6, 9x 9 can be provided.
Why Should We Clean the Connectors?
Research has shown over 85% of fiber optic network failures in data centers, campus, and other optical communication facilities are caused by contamination on the optical connector end face.
For best optical performance, it is imperative that all optical fiber connections are clean and free of contaminants. Fiber optic cleaning products is being highly recommended as a kind of very important tool for electrical manufactures. One of the most basic and important procedures for the maintenance of fiber optic systems is to clean the fiber optic equipment.
fiber optic connector wipe paper is designed to effectively and quickly clean connector endfaces. It cleans the ferrule end faces removing dust, oil, and other debris without nicking or scratching the end face.
Product Appearance and Details
Fiber Optic Products Maintenance
Clean--- Clean the end face of all components in each mated pair to avoid contamination before connection.
Inspect--- Inspect each mated pair with a Fiber Inspection Microscope to verify end face cleanliness. If contamination is present, re-clean and re-inspect each mated pair. (Warning- Invisible laser radiation might be emitted from disconnected fibers or connectors. Do not stare into beams or view directly with optical instruments.)
Connect--- Make each connection immediately after successful visual inspection of the mated pair.
RE-Clean--- If you disconnect the connections, please re-clean and re-inspect all components before you connect.
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