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8 channels C41-C58 DWDM Mux Demux, single fiber,LC/UPC, splice/pigtailed ABS module, 2.0mm diamater
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8 channels C41-C58 DWDM Mux Demux, single fiber,LC/UPC, splice/pigtailed ABS module, 2.0mm diamater


Tx/Rx: C41/C42, C43/C44, C46/C47, C48/C49, C51/C52, C53/C54, C56/C57, C58/C59. Used together with 8DWDM-4259-LC-SPM-SFA.

FS P/N: ABS-DS084357
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8ch DWDM Mux+Demux in one splice/pigtailed ABS module, 100GHz ITU grid, C41-C58, LC/UPC
The DWDM passive Mux Demux modules deliver the benefits of a Dense Wave Division Multiplexer in a fully passive solution. They are designed for long-haul transmission where wavelengths are packed tightly together over the C-band range of wavelengths, up to 48 wavelengths in 100GHz grid(0.8nm) and 96 wavelengths in 50GHz grid(0.4nm). ITU G.694.1 standard and Telcordia GR1221 are compliant.
Our DWDM Mux Demux are modular, scalable and are perfectly suited to transport PDH, SDH / SONET, ETHERNET services over WWDM, CWDM and DWDM in optical metro edge and access networks.
Labeling on each pigtail, indicate the wavelength of the DWDM transceivers
Each fiber pigtails of inputs and outputs are labeled with wavelengths that is used to indicate the wavelengh of the individual DWDM transceivers. There are four holes to fix the pigtailed module with your device

High quality film filter technology Standard 8-channel DWDM C-band on a single fiber Duplex LC/UPC connectors Secure physical separation between data channels Typical insertion loss is 2.8dB Operating temperature is -10~70°C
Passive, no electric power is required 100GHz ITU gird, 0.8 nm spacing Transparent operation - protocol and topology independent Pigtailed ABS module Return Loss ≥ 45dB
FS.COM quality assurance by using high-quality DWDM multiplexers
Our components fulfill or exceed standard market specifications for optical components. It may still not be entirely obvious how different parameters like isolation are more closely defined. The following diagram illustrates the most important parameters, following the "red box model", in accordance with ITU. The channel, including its bandwidth and isolation as defined by the component specifications, delineates a box. The measured transmission spectrum of each channel has to be above the box. Under no circumstances can it interfere with any neighboring box (channel). Therefore, isolation and insertion losses have to be maintained within the borders set out by the defined center wavelengths and bandwidth.
Assist in your own system design and manufacturing
FS.COM provides its expertise in optics and assembly to assist you in your system design and manufacturing. Many of our OEM customers in the telecoms, sensing, military and oil & gas markets don't get the naked spliced modules but prefer with the complete assessories.Contact with sales@fs.com for complete application.
High quality, affordable DWDM optical transceivers for DWDM Mux Demux
Besides Mux Demux, Fiberstore also offers the DWDM transceiver modules to interwork with the major equipment vendors, such as SFP, SFP+, XFP, Xenpack and X2 modules. Transmission distances range from 100-180 km for Gigabit speeds, and 40-80km for 10 Gigabit speeds, without the use of optical amplifiers. The low insertion loss of the Mux Demux unit increase power budget, enabling use of the most cost-effective distance variant among the transceivers.

The key advantages of the FiberStore transceiver modules are:
1. Every optics is tested in real switches and re-programmable to work with the major equipment vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Brocade, Dell, Extreme, etc.
2. Multi-rate to support 80 Channels DWDM ITU-T channels with distance up to 120km
3. Available with CPRI/ OBSAI data rates
4. Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) capability

With the FiberStore solution, mobile operators will enjoy greater savings especially on CAPEX(Capital Expenses) and OPEX (Operational Expenses). On CAPEX savings, the equipment are competitively priced. On OPEX savings, there is no maintenance cost on the FiberStore DWDM Multiplexer Demultiplexer products.
Mechanical details for housing
Note: Please, note that the drawings shown here only show the dimensions and do not the specific configuration of the module.
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