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Brand Neu BD503B Handheld optischer Leistungsmesser(-50~+26dBm)
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Brand Neu BD503B Handheld optischer Leistungsmesser(-50~+26dBm)


Support FTTx deployments, fiber network testing, certification reporting capabilities and basic power measurements

FS P/N: BD503B
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BD503 Handheld Optical Power Meter is a self-developed test instrument which is widely used for installation, operation and maintenance of fiber-optic network. It features smart appearance, backlight, auto-shutdown and widely dynamic range, good testing precision and universal optical connector for FC/SC/ST.

For connectors used for fiber optic testers, F.S.COM just defines as below:
2.5mm+FC+SC+ST     Together with 2.5mm UPP adapter, FC, SC, ST are all interchangeable.FC adapter  It means SC male to FC female adapter. ( when standard connector is SC )SC adapter     It means FC male to SC female adapter. ( when standard connector is FC )ST adapter  It means FC male to ST female adapter. ( when standard connector is FC )                   

SC male to ST female adapter. ( when standard connector is SC )

LC adapter     It means FC male to LC female adapter. ( when standard connector is FC )                  

SC male to LC female adapter. ( when standard connector is SC )

FC              Used alone, it is not interchangeable, it is same to SC,ST, FC/APC,SC/APC etc.  For more information about connector types, please contact sales@fs.com.

• High sensitivity, large dynamic range
• Universal connector interface FC/SC/ST
• Quick response, without warm-up and reducing testing time
• Low-voltage display function
• Optional auto-shutdown 
• Automatic calibration function
• The relative ratio test 
• Large LCD display and backlight
• Fiber cable Telecom installation
• Fiber optic communication maintenance 
• Fiber Optic R&D and Training
• Optical fiber cabling system

Note: Fiberstore is specializing in supplying fiber optic components and network equipment, all the products are qualified because they have been 100% tested before delivery, especially the optical power meter. If you need this brand new BD503B handheld optical power meter at a large quantity, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you a special discount.
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