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CLETOP LWL-Reinigungsstäbchen-2,0mm (200pcs/set)
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CLETOP LWL-Reinigungsstäbchen-2,0mm (200pcs/set)

FS P/N: CLE-FCT-2.0-200
MFG PART#: 14100402
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€ 220.00
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CLETOP Stick Cleaners
The CLETOP stick cleaners use a micro woven fabric for the cleaning medium that can be used for dry only or wet-dry cleaning. The CLETOP stick cleaners provide excellent cleaning performance in bulkhead connection and optical modules. The CLETOP cleaning sticks are available for 1.25 mm, 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm based connectors, transceiver interfaces, and lenses
Key Features
Easy to use and efficient. Delivers a consistently high level of cleaning performance. Easy to clean ferrule end-faces inside the plug-in fiber-optic connectors and various adaptors. Lightweight and safe to use. Compact and disposable. Suitable for cleaning inside adaptors due to dust control.
Type Type 2.5mm Type 1.25mm Type 2.0mm Type 2.0/2.5mm
Part No. 14100400 14100401 14100402 14100403
Cleans per stick Maintenance (for repair) 1 cleaning / piece
Connectots cleande SC, SC2, FC, ST, DS MU, LC for connectors for high definition television camera
Dimension L (mm) 146 101 146 diameter 2.5mm(end one), 2.0mm(end two) x 127mm(L)
Packaging 200 pcs/set 200 pcs/set 200 pcs/set 100 pcs/set
Remarks - double ended
Please do not use this product for other purposes than cleaning ferrule end-faces. The cleaning perforrmance may change depending upon the environment and contamination types.
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