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EP700A-A Optischer Leistungsmultimeter, -43~+26dBm, 1310/1550nm,
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EP700A-A Optischer Leistungsmultimeter, -43~+26dBm, 1310/1550nm,

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EP700 has both a light source and an optical power meter in a compact handheld unit. EP700 series integrates the functions of intelligent optical power meter module (AE200 series) and highly stable light source module(LS300) in one unit.The multi-meter is ideal for optical testing of many applications including CATV, FTTx and PON networks. The visual fault locator enables the user to quickly locate faults in the fiber, making it the perfect tool for installation and maintenance of optical distribution networks.

Integration of optical power meter, light source and visible faulty locator Ideal for CATV, FTTx and PON applications Palm-sized and rugged for field operation 30 hours working time
Model EP700A   EP700B
 Power Meter Module    
 Accuracy    ±0.17dB (±3%)  
 Detector     InGaAs  Φ300um(Default), Φ2000um   
 Input Range    -43 ~ +26 dBm    -70 ~ +6 dBm 
 Resolution   0.01 dBm, mW, uW, nW   
 Calibrated Wavelength   850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1610 nm   
 Connectors    FCSCST  
 Light Source Module     
 Central Wavelength    1310 ± 20 nm 1550 ± 20 (Default) /10 nm    1310 ± 20 nm 1550 ± 20 (Default) /10 nm 1490 (DFB) ± 10 nm
 Output Power    -3 dBm   +1 dBm  
 Power Stability   ±0.04dB@20℃ 0.5 h ±0.08dB@20℃ 8 h (After a 15-minute warm-up)   
 Tone generation    270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz  
 Optical Adapter    FCPC(Default), FCAPC, SCPC, SCAPC  
 General Specifications     
 VFL    1mW, 5mW, 10mW(Default)  
 Power Supply    3×1.5V AA batteries or rechargeable batteries  
 Working Time    >30 h (Light on, backlight off)  
 Operating Temperature    -10℃ ~ +60℃  
 Storage Temperature    -20℃ ~ +70℃  
 Dimensions    185 × 85 × 45 (mm)  
 Weight    320g ( excluding battery )  
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