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23dBm Ausgang C-Band Booster Stecker-in Kartentyp EDFA für SDH Netzwerke
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23dBm Ausgang C-Band Booster Stecker-in Kartentyp EDFA für SDH Netzwerke

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23dBm Output Booster Plug-in Card Type EDFA for SDH Networks
The 23dBm Output C-Band Booster Plug-in Card Type EDFA is designed to plug into Multiplex Managed Chassis, allowing a long distance transmission. It delivers the reach and optical performances to support SDH system, to meet the requirements of service provider and enterprise networks. A unique ATC (automatic temperature control) and APC (automatic power control) circuit are employed in it as the key component to ensure the high stability and reliability of output power; The unique optical circuit design ensures the excellent optical character. In addition, the outstanding ventilation and heat-dissipation of the plug-in card type EDFA guarantee the long life and high reliable work of pump laser.

The plug-in type EDFA usually works with Multiplex Managed Chassis, which can insert more EDFA cards to access multiple signals, for example, 4 EDFA cards can be inserted into 1U Multiplex Managed Chassis and 16 EDFA cards can be inserted into 4U Multiplex Managed Chassis. The specific plug-in design provides flexibility and convenience for EDFA application, achieving space efficiency with compact size. What’s more, the plug-in card type EDFA supports SNMP Network management via Ethernet port and RS232, RS485 through the USB port.
Input power: –10~+6dBm Output power: 23dBm APC, AGC, ATC and ACC control modes Support RS232, RS485 (USB Port) Support SNMP Network management Via Ethernet port Low noise figure: typical is< 4.5dB Fully Customizable Design High stability and reliability Easy to maintain and replace reserve parts Space efficiency with compact size Cost efficiency with pluggable type Plug-in design, flexible and convenient Easy to get cooling and effectively prolong the working life.
LANs and MANs SONET/SDH systems Optical distributed system Fiber optic link amplification Long-Haul transmitting system Test and measurement systems Military and industrial applications Rack mount optical amplify system Loss and Dispersion Compensation for Optical Fiber Networks

Compatible With EDFA Chassis
1U Multiplex Managed Chassis can be equipped with 4 EDFA cards and 4U Multiplex Managed Chassis can be equipped with 16 EDFA cards.

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