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4U Multiplex Verwaltetes Chassis für Stecker-in Kartentyp EDFA
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4U Multiplex Verwaltetes Chassis für Stecker-in Kartentyp EDFA

€ 170.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 590.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Fri. Dec. 16
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4U Multiplex Managed Chassis for Plug-in Card Type EDFA

FS.COM's 4U Multiplex Managed Chassis for Plug-in Card Type EDFA provides the perfect solution for metro regional, long-haul and ultra long-haul optic networks. The Chassis is a platform of high-density, low-power consumption that combines state-of-art electronics and superior optical performance which makes it possible to build or upgrade networks to meet the demands of today as well as future multi-services access requirements.

Our chassis have a redundancy of power-source units which can be back up and 4 fan units which can be replaced independently. The Network Management Unit contains a Ethernet port which could be used for default SNMP management, and it is able to monitor and control various active units, such as EDFA and OEO. We also provide Telnet port as optional according to the customer's needs.

Our design of chassis structure is very important to get both compactness and high reliability. The system uses plug-in layout, 4U frame can support up to insert 16 EDFA cards. The stability Pump optical maser and unique ATC (automatic temperature control), AGC (automatic gain control), APC (automatic power control) and ACC(automatic current control) circuit are employed in it as the key component to ensure the high stability and reliability.

Together with OLP(optical line protection card), OEO(provides several functions, including optical wavelength conversion, optical signal boosting, and optical multiplexing), splitter card(achieves the branching of the optical signal) and passive wave division card, a high-density and space efficient multi-service transmission platform can be constructed (only when equipments are from the same manufacturer).


4U 19" rack mountable chassis with EIA:482.6*220*178 mm Plug-in design, space efficient and flexible installation Can be loaded up to 16 EDFA cards to access multiple signals Support mixed insertion of PA card, LA card and BA card Compatible with DWDM EDFA card, SDH EDFA card and CATV EDFA card OEO card, OLP card, splitter card and passive wave division card can be mounted mixedly into the chassis(only when equipments are from the same manufacturer) Support SNMP Network management(default) and Telnet port(optional) Support SNMP Network management via Ethernet port Support RS232, RS485(USB Port) LED indicators on the front panel simplify the design to avoid misuse High-performance dual hot-swappable power supply: 110V/220V mixed with 48V Intelligent Temperature Control System and optimized design of ventilation ensure high stability and reliability to make MTBF>150000 hours


SDH Networks DWDM Systems CATV, PON, FTTx ,RFoG Inline, Pre-Amplifer or Booster Amplification Metro, Long Haul and High Power Distribution networks

Mechanical Dimension

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Plug-in Type EDFA
·Low Noise
·Low Distortion
·High Output Power
·Wide Operating Wavelength

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