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23dBm Ausgang 1550nm Benchtop EDFA LWL-Verstärker
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23dBm Ausgang 1550nm Benchtop EDFA LWL-Verstärker

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This benchtop optical fiber amplifier (EDFA) is designed for lab and factory test. The key components of the product are high reliability PUMP laser. A unique APC (Automatic Power Control) and ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) circuit insures the high stability and reliability output power, the unique optical circuit design ensures the excellent optical performance. The high stability and high precision MPU system to ensure the control, adjustment and monitor are intelligent and easy. Besides, Open RS232 interface ensure connectivity to any other system.
This product employs single mode Erbium or Ytterbium doped fiber amplifier technology. Max saturated output power up to 200mW (23dBm). High power OFA requirement could refer to HA series (up to 10W).
Single channel, DWDM, C band, C+L band are optional. High power output up to 200mW Low Noise Figure: Typ <4.5dB APC, ACC, AGC are optional High precise ATC control circuit LCD display, knob adjustable Open RS232 interface Dual MPU control Module, Benchtop, 1RU are optional. Customized is available.
1. Lab test
2. Factory test
3. Scientific research
4. Pre-amplifier
5. Line amplifier
6. Booster amplifier
Mechanical Structure
Order Information
Product  Category  Application Source  Output power Wavelength  Voltage  Interface 
Fiber Amplifier B:Benchtop  Fiber amplifier -3~10dBm  10:10dBm  1550:1550nm 1.110VAC 1: SC/UPC 
other 13:13dBm    2.220VAC 2: SC/APC 
  23:23dBm      3: FC/UPC 
        4: FC/APC 
        5: LC/UPC 
        6: LC/APC 

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