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0-30dB Einzelkanal Standard MEMS Variables Optisches Dämpfungsglied mit WDL & PDL
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0-30dB Einzelkanal Standard MEMS Variables Optisches Dämpfungsglied mit WDL & PDL

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0-30dB Single-Channel Standard MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator with WDL、PDL
The MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator is based on the Micro-Electro-Mechanical System technology. These MM series attenuators can be used to achieve the remote control of the power in the networks by a MEMS chip with a movable mirror on the silicon. The mirror attenuates the laser light power by coupling the input beam onto the output fiber. The applied voltage to the device controls the mirror tilt angle, thus the desired attenuation amount. 

Fiberstore offers standard, mini and micro MEMS VOAs in a fast, low cost miniature package. These best-in-class attenuators are available in either normally-open or normally-closed configurations and with an integrated tap option. They are driven by applying an electrical voltage.
Features and Applications of Fiberstore's MEMS VOA
Wide attenuation range of 0dB to 30dB High attenuation accuracy
Low insertion loss Low PDL, WDL & TDL
Low power consumption Low crosstalk
Fast response Excellent anti-shock and vibration performance
Stable and repeatable in open loop operation High environment reliability
Compact package Telcordia GR-1209, GR-1221, GR-63 qualified
With above excellent characteristics, MEMS VOAs can be used to manage the dynamic signal power in optical networks. These attenuators can be applied in WDM channel equalization and gain tilt control or variation in EDFAs. They are often used as the test equipment.
Application example: Load balancing on a WDM network
An eight channel wavelength multiplexed signal from a trunk line is demultiplexed into individual signals. The signals are of different intensities, and have to be balanced to avoid saturating any of the receivers. To do so, each channel is sent through a corresponding port on an eight channel MEMS VOA.
The signal strength through the attenuator outputs is monitored by a control circuit. If the output signal on one channel gets too high or too low, the corresponding attenuator is adjusted to bring the light level to the correct range. The complete module is very compact.
Dimensions Diagram (unit: mm)
Electrical Driving Instruction
Pin1 and Pin2 are for control voltage without polarity. GND connect to the case. It can be cut. Do not apply more than 6.5V.
Typical Performance Charts
Attenuation vs Drive Voltage
Drift @ 20dB
Fiberstore   Fiberstore
Ordering Information

Type Wavelength Off State Package Fiber Diameter Fiber Length Connector 
Drive  Voltage 13: 1310nm 1:Transparent 6:Φ6mm 25:250um 05:0.5m OO:None
5:5V 14: 1490nm 2:Opaque 3:Φ3.5mm 90:900um 10:1.0m FP: FC/PC
3:3.5V 15: 1550nm       15:1.5m FA: FC/APC
  162: 1625nm         SP: SC/PC
  165: 1650nm         SA: SC/APC
  13/15:1310/1550nm         LP: LC/PC
            LA: LC/APC

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