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FS P/N: FS-E8080U-N
€ 22.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 67.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Fri. Oct. 28
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FS-E8080U-N(4FE+2POTS+WIFI)is  an  EPON  user  terminal, which  meets  the  SOHO  broadband  access, FTTH  broadband  speed, FFTH/FTTD of cable-television operator.The equipment based on mature, stable, cost-effective  Gigabit  EPON  technology  combines Gigabit Ethernet  switching technology, WIFI and high-quality  VoIP  technology.  It  has  high  reliability,  ease  of  administration and good QOS. The technology  performance  meets  the  IEEE802.3ah,  China  Telecom  EPON  equipment  technical  requirements  (V2.1) specification requirements.

Special Features

Full speed without blocking exchange8K MAC address tableSupport Full Range VLAN IDSupport QinQ VLAN; 1:1VLAN; VLAN Trunk etc.Support port monitor, port mirror, port speed limit, port SLA etc.QoS based on interface, IEEE 802.1p, IPV4(ToS),Diff-Serv, IPV6, 802.1Q VLANID, destination MAC or source MACThe Ethernet interfaces according to the specifications of the IEEE802.3128-bit AES encryption algorithmAccording to 802.1x remote management and user authentication

Telephone Service Function

Support SIP protocol,H.248 protocol,H.323 optionalSupport ITU-T G.711; G.723.1; G.729 compression algorithm
Echo cancellation meets ITU-T G.168-2002. echo cancellation for the longest is 128msSupport OSPF,T38Support RFC2833 and RFC2833 redundant, distinctive ringing, MD5 certificate, call forwarding, call waiting, telephone hotline, alarm clock, abbreviated dialing and etc.Support two POTS interface three-way calling,three-way calling support local mixingSupport POTS GR909 line test functionSupport dynamic PPPoE,dhcp and static IP.Support CTC2.1 standard7×24h call lose≤0.01%


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