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(1+1)x1 Multimode Pumpen und Signal kombinierer
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(1+1)x1 Multimode Pumpen und Signal kombinierer

FS P/N: FS-PC-(1+1)x1-14W-B
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(1+1)x1 Multimode Pump and Signal Combiner

(1+1)x1 Multimode Pump and Signal Combiner can be used for high power fiber laser and fiber amplifier, which can combine 1 pump lasers and 1 signal channel into one fiber and create a high power pump laser source for fiber laser and fiber amplifier. In addition, Pump fiber, signal fiber and output fiber type and the configuration can be customized, need more details, please contact at sales@fs.com.

High Power All-Fiber Lasers High Power Fiber Amplifiers Medical, industrial, defense
Signal Operating Wavelength:High Signal Transfer Efficiency High Pump Efficiency Wavelength Insensitive Custom Configurations Available
Product specifications
Signal Operating Wavelength: 1000-1200nmPump Operating Wavelength: 800-1000nm Configuration: (1+1)x1 Pump Fiber (core/clad, NA): 105 /125 μm 0.22NASignal Input Fiber (core/clad diameter NA): 10/125umGDF 0.08/0.46 Output Fiber (core/clad, NA): 10/125um GDF 0.08/0.46NAPower per Multimode Input: 14WTotal Input Power: 14WFiber length: 0.8mPackage Dimension: Ø4.0×60mm
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