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11 Slots 2RU 19 "FS-P-OTP800-11S Packet-optischer Transport Plattform
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11 Slots 2RU 19 "FS-P-OTP800-11S Packet-optischer Transport Plattform

FS P/N: FS-P-OTP800-11S
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2RU 19” FS-P-OTP800-11S Packet-Optical Transport Platform with 8 Slots Available for a Mixed Insertion of System Control, OEO, OLP, TMUX Service Cards
Fiberstore’s Packet Optical Transport Platform 800 family(FS-P-OTP800 family) is a portfolio of Packet Optical Transport Platforms that offers
operators multi-service delivery solution for a vigorous demands of emerging consumer and business applications without additional costly
fiber optic routes.
The FS-P-OTP800 family mainly includes a series rack mounts and service cards. The rack mounts, based on the latest innovations in packet
and optical technologies, provide tremendous capacity and flexibility that enable a coexistence of different service cards (2.5G/10G OEO, OLP
and 2.5G/10G TMUX ). With a mixed configuration of different service cards, the FS-P-OTP800 family can be the core of a WDM/SDH network
for the extension of transmission distance and management of whole systems .
This model FS-P-OTP800-11S is a 19-inch 2U rack mount design with eight slots, including slot 1 for a system control card; slot 2 to slot 7
for service cards; slot 9 and slot 10 only for housing power supply cards; slot 11 only for housing the fan card. It supports a single redundant
power supply (AC/DC optional).
Key Features
High-compact P-OTP optimized for deployment as an optical transport-only platform Supports a mixed and hot-swap insertion of OEO, OLP, 2.5G/10G TMUX service cards. Supports wavelength conversion or optical power amplification of 56 2.5G ports and 28 10G ports in full configuration.Simplify end-to-end service deployment and orchestration across multi-vendor, multi-domain networks. Supports the service flexibility required in today’s rapidly evolving networks. Supports unidirectional transmission over one single fiber, bidirectional transmission over one single fiber or over two fibers etc.
WDM systems Sonnet/SDH systems High-speed transmission systems
Rack Mount Specification
Parameter FS-P-OTP800-2S FS-P-OTP800-4S FS-P-OTP800-11S
(Width x Depth x Height)
Standard 1U Rack Mount
Standard 1U Rack Mount
Standard 2U Rack Mount
(Empty Chassis)
2.6 kg 2.6 kg 3..6 kg
Power Consumption
20W 50W 100W
Rated Current 0.2A 0.4A 1A
Power Supply built-in AC220/DC48V(optional) built-in AC220/DC48V(optional) built-in AC220/DC48V(optional)
Slots Note 1 2 slots 4 slots 11 slots
Fans  2-built-in fans 1 pluggable fan
Relative Humidity
(Non- condensation)
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃
Relative Humidity
MTBF 140127 hours
1. For FS-P-OTP-11S, Slot 9 and Slot 10 are fixed to house the power supply cards; Slot 11 is fixed to house a pluggable fan card.
2. Fiberstore provides freely customized rack mounts in accordance with your special requirements. You can email sales@fs.com or call us at +1-253-277-3058 for detailed drawing.
FS-P-OTP800 Service Cards Series
Categories Part NO. Description
System Control Card FS-P-OTP800 2x100Mbit/s Ethernet ports and 2xSFP module slots
OEO card   FS-P-OTP800-OEO(2G5) 8x42M/622M/1.25G/2.5GE Wavelength Conversion Board
FS-P-OTP800-OEO(10G) 4x10 Gbit/s Wavelength Conversion Board
CWDM DWDM TMUX Card   FS-P-OTP800-TMUX (10G) 8x1.25GE services converged to 1x10G link
FS-P-OTP800-TMUX (2G5) 4x1.25GE services converged to 2x2.5G link with 1+1 protection
Optical Line Protection Card FS-OBP-C 1:1, 1+1, 1-1 node protection
Warm Tips:
1. The specification may be slightly changed without notice
2. Fiberstore offers Customize Service Cards for any signals that you need to transport. For more details, please email sales@fs.com or call us at +1-253-277-3058.
FS-P-OTP800-11S Platform for Diverse Service Cards

Mechanical Figure of FS-P-OTP800-11S Front Panel

1. All the service cards must be installed horizontally in FS-P-OTP800-11S transport platforms.
2. System control card must be installed in slot 1 of FS-P-OTP800-11S.
Typical Application Case

Solution details: 120KM Transmission without any relay stations
The application figure shows the 12 channels of 10G optical signals can be transmitted as unidirectional up to 120km distance through a single standard optical fiber.
1. In location A, standard wavelengths of 12 channels of 10G optical signals are converted into DWDM wavelengths by three FS-P-OTP800-OEO(10G) cards in a FS-P-OTP800-11S platform.
2. Then, 12 channels of 10G DWDM optical signals are multiplexed to a standard single-mode optical fiber by connecting to a DWDM MUX(XMS-1RU-1-FSDWDM)
3. After the 12 channels of optical signals reach Location B, a pre-amplifier ( DWDM-EDFA-PA-XX) will be used to amplify optical power and a DCM( FS-DCM-XX) will be used to compensate the dispersion.
4. The 12 channels of DWDM optical signals will be de-multiplexed by a DWDM DEMUX(XDS-1RU-1-FSDWDM)
5.  12 channels wavelengths of 10G DWDM optical signals are converted to standard wavelengths by three FS-P-OTP800-OEO(10G) cards and received respectively by end devices.
Warm Tips:
a. The above scheme just shows the transmission of one-way data.
b. A system control card (FS-P-OTP800-SC) must be installed in the slot 1 and a optical protection card (FS-OEO800-OLP-1+1) in the slot 2 of FS-P-OTP800-4S platform to manage and protect the whole system.
c. "X" in XMS-RU-1-FSDWDM and XDS-RU-1-FSDWDM means the number of channels; "XX" in DWDM-EDFA-PA-XX indicates the gain value; "XX" in FS-DCM-XX refers to the physical compensation distance.

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