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2 -Kanal-Standard Outdoor Monomode CATV Optischer Empfänger mit Original-Modul
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2 -Kanal-Standard Outdoor Monomode CATV Optischer Empfänger mit Original-Modul

FS P/N: SOR-860C2
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2 Channels Standard Outdoor Single mode CATV optical receiver with original module

CATV Receiver is bidirectional design, HFC transmitting products. Modulization, plug-in design, collocate according to customers requirements. Add return path can update as bidirectional Optical Workstation. Use PIN diode and receiving module, GaAs amplifier module(front-positioned) give super low noise and low Optic power receiving;RF signal amplify, impulse power, one way individual output or two output. Maximum Output level is 114dBμV(0 dBm input power), every output can be used as reverse path.
Key Features
Use PIN diode or optical receiving module Receiving Optical Wavelength:1290mn~1600nm 1000MHz design, (750/862MHz) Plug-in bidirectional filter:30/47MHz~42/54MHz~65/87MHz Optional Plug-in Circuit improve non-linear distortion 1 way coupler output or 2 splitter output Ruturn path can use at any time and update Network.(optionVRT-200X/P Return transmitter) With optical power monitor Power supply:60V/AC and 220V/AC optional SMPS and with wide range of voltage
Electonic Parameter:
Frequency range 45~750/862MHz
Flatness in band ± 0.75dB
Return loss ≥ 16dB(45~750MHz)
≥ 14dB(750~862MHz)
Nominal output level 112dBμV
Max. Output Level 112dBμV0dBm
CNR ≥ 51dB
C/CSO ≥ 60dB
C/CTB ≥ 65dB
Gain Adjustment Range 0~20dB
Slope Adjustment Range 0~12dB
Test Level -20dB±1dB
Amplify Gain 18dB~28dB Optional
Frequency Range 5~200MHz
Reverse OT. Flatness ± 0.75dB
Output Impedance 75Ω
Connector Type F-connector or 5/824 connector
Power Supply 60V /AC or 220V / DC48V
Current 10A (60V/AC Power Supply)
Power Consumption 30W Max
Optical Parameter:
IN Optical Wavelength 1290nm~1600nm
Return loss 45dB
Current 0.85A / W(1310nm)
Optical Power Range -4 ~+2dBm
Max. Input Power 2mW(+3dBm)
Fibre Type SM9 / 125μm)
Connector Type FC / APC or SC /APC
Output Power ≥ -3dBm
Optical Wavelength 1310nm or 1550nm
Environment Parameter:
Storage Temperature -40~+70 temp
Storage Humidity Rh80%,Non-acidity
Operating Temperature -25~+55 temp
Operating Humidity 40~80%,Non-acidity
Size L300×B210×H130mm
CATV Networks
FTTH networks
receiver-ONU Side
Transmission of video and sound through Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) networks
Ordering Information
Part No. Channels Bandwidth Power RX wavelength(nm) configuration
SOR-860C4 4 860MHz -4 ~+2dBm PIN 1310/1550 Inner Signal Module (Original)
SOR-860C4-FS 4 860MHz -4 ~+2dBm PIN 1310/1550 Inner Signal Module
SOR-860C2 2 860MHz -4 ~+2dBm PIN 1310/1550 Inner Signal Module (Original)
SOR-860C2-FS 2 860MHz -4 ~+2dBm PIN 1310/1550 Inner Signal Module
Notes: Fiberstore provide customized solutions for all needs and specifications,like P/N,S/N,Vendor Name,Label,etc. We create a made-to-order CATV receiver just for you. Please email us at sales@fs.com for your additional customized requirements.
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