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1x64 Opto-Mechanische Optische Schalter Module
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1x64 Opto-Mechanische Optische Schalter Module

€ 40.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 54.00
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1x64 Opto-Mechanical Optical Switch Modules
Fiberstore's Bi-directional, fully non-blocking 1x64 Multi-channel optical switch modules is an ideal product where small size and superior optical performance are required. The module functions as switching core of a high-capacity packet switching backbone router. It connects optical channels by redirecting an 1 incoming optical signal into a selected signal from 64 output fiber, suitable for 2RU Rack chassis and 4RU Rack chassis.

Fiberstore offers up to 128 ports optical switch modules. Achieved by using an opto-mechanical configuration activated via an electrical control signal, they offer unparallel advantages of very low loss and cost, very compact, easy to mount, and available in any 1RU Rack chassis, 2RU Rack chassis, 4RU Rack chassis, and Desktop optical switch equipment. They are most affordable high performance optical switch modules with absolute minimal impact on pre-engineered loss budgets. Our optical switch modules are tested in-house prior to shipment to guarantee that will arrive in perfect physical and working condition.
1 x 64 configarationsModularized designCompact size, easy to integrate Ultra-low insertion loss and back reflection Bi-directional operation Fast switching speed Precise repeatability Epoxy-free in optical pathOperates with dark or lit fibreHigh reliability, High stability, High optical isolationLow polarization dependent loss (PDL)Latching and Non-latching for optionalSinglemode and Multimode for optional
Ring network OEM system integration ROADM RF over fiber Fibre switching Optical bypassHybrid OEO/OOO network switches Automated component test and measurement Remote network monitoring & test access Instrumentation grade switching Secure communication networks
Parameters Unit OSM-1x64
Insertion Loss dB Typ: 0.8 , Max: 1.0
Wavelength Range nm 532 ~ 1300 1260 ~ 1660
Testing Wavelength nm 532 / 650 / 780 / 850 / 980 / 1300 1310 / 1490 / 1550 / 1650
Return Loss dB MM ≥ 55 ,  SM ≥ 35
Crosstalk dB ≥ -80
PDL dB ≤ 0.10
WDL dB ≤ 0.25
TDL dB ≤ 0.30
Repeatability dB ≤ ±0.05
Power Supply v AC 220V or DC 48V
Lifetime Cycle 107
Switch Time ms ≤ 12 (Sequence switch time of adjacent channel)
Optical Input Power mW ≤ 1000
Operating Temperature ° C -20 ~ +70
Storage Temperature ° C -40 ~ +85
Dimension mm 184 x 78 x 66
Housing Options mm 2U 19” rack or 2U 19” rack for optional
Note: Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
Optical Route

Timing Diagram

Mechanical Dimensions (Unit: mm)

Order information: OSM-1xN-A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I
Fiberstore have extensive expertise in creating custom optical switch modules, to best meet an application specific test requirement. Modules can be made with:
1. Unique combinations of optical switches or other optical components (N≤128)
2. Customer specified fibers
3. Customer specified connectors (Mil-Spec, E-2000, etc.)
4. Performance optimized for customer specified wavelengths

Fiber Type
Fiber Length
Control Model
Wavelength Range


1xN (N≤128) OO: None SM: 9/125um 05: 0.5m 25: 250um L: Latching 85: 850nm None 3: 3V S22: 220V
FU: FC/UPC M5: 50/125um 10: 1.0m 90: 900um N: Non-Latching 13: 1310nm 1U: 1U19" 5: 5V S48: 48V
FA: FC/APC M6: 62.5/125um 15: 1.5m 20: 2.0mm S: Special 14: 1490nm 2U: 2U19" S: Special S24: 220V+48V
SU: SC/UPC S: Special S: Special 30: 3.0mm   15: 1550nm 4U: 4U19"   D22: Double 220V
SA: SC/APC     S: Special   162: 1625nm T: Desktop   D48: Double 48V
LU: LC/UPC         165: 1650nm S: Special   S: Special
LA: LC/APC         13/15: 1310/1550nm      
S: Special         S: Special      
For example: OSM-1x64-FU-M6-15-S-L-13-2U-5-S22

For more information about Opto-mechanical fiber optic switches, please e-email sales@fs.com.

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