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1x2 DWDM Rot/Blau C Band-Filter mit 1RU 19 "Rackmount Paket
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1x2 DWDM Rot/Blau C Band-Filter mit 1RU 19 "Rackmount Paket

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1x2 DWDM Red/Blue C Band Filter with 1RU 19" Rack Mount Package
Fiberstore 1x2 DWDM Red/Blue Band Filter is a passive and micro optics device based on environmentally stable thin film filter technology. It is mainly used to separate or combine Red band wavelength signals and Blue band wavelength signals in C band range in DWDM systems and high power amplification system . The components are characterized with wide passband, low insertion loss, high return loss, excellent environmental stability and high power handling capability.
Fiberstore provides a various of Nx2 C-Band Red and Blue Wavelength 1U rack mount type Filters. For LC connects, 1U rack mount type Filters can accommodate as maximum as 80 channels, for SC connects, it can accommodate as maximum as 40 channels,and for FC connects, it can accommodate as maximum as 34 channels. Fiberstore also provides customized connectors and channels for your special use.
Key Features
Low insertion loss and PMDWide Operating Wavelength Range High Channel isolation Low temperature dependent loss Epoxy-free optical pathCompaliant with Telcordia
Red and blue band separators DWDM System Fiber optic Amplifiers
Item Unit Parameters
Operation Wavelength Range nm 1520.0 ~ 1562.3
Pass Band Wavelength nm 1545.8 (λ1) ~ 1562.3 (1520.0~1543.7(λ2))
Insertion Loss dB ≤0.3
Isolation dB ≥25
Reflect Band Wavelength Range nm 1520.0 ~ 1543.7 (λ2) (1545.8 (λ1) ~ 1562.3)
Insertion Loss dB ≤0.40
Isolation dB ≥15
Dead Band (λ1 -λ2) nm ≤ 2.1
Directivity dB ≥50
Optical Return Loss dB ≥50
Polarization Dependent Loss dB ≤0.1
PMD ps ≤0.1
Thermal Stability dB/℃ ≤0.005
Optical Power mW ≤500
Operating Temperature -5 to +70
Storage Temperature -40 to +85
Fiber type   SMF-28e compatible
Package dimension mm 1RU 19"
1.Specifications are for devices without connector and may change without notice.
2.If connectors added, IL maybe 0.3dB higher, but RL will not be changed.
3.Devices can be customized according to your requirements, such as higher power, other type fiber, etc. For more details, please email sales@fs.com or call us at +1-253-277-3058

Ordering Information
Fiberstore custom designs and manufactures high performance DWDM Red/Blue Band Filter to meet your special application. And also, by combining our technical expertise with our extensive micro-optic manufacturing and packaging capability, your volume requirements for components and customized integrated products can be met. We are happy to discuss your requirements. For more ordering and price information, Please email support@fs.com or contact us at +1-253-277-3058.

Example: FSBR-C45000511
Series Code Band Wavelength 000 Fiber Type Fiber Length Connector Type
FSBR C= C Band 45= Pass:1545.8/ Reflect:1520
20= Pass:1520.0/ Reflect:1545.8
  1=250um bare Fiber box
2=900um loose tube box
3=2.0mm fiber Box
4=3.0mm fiber Box
5=1U Rack Mounted Module

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