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Leere 4U Rackmount Chassis, das 8 Stücke von Optische Link Schutz OLP-Karte hält
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Leere 4U Rackmount Chassis, das 8 Stücke von Optische Link Schutz OLP-Karte hält

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4U Rack Chassis Carrier-Class Optical Protection Platform

Fiberstore’s 4U rack chassis FS-OLP-4U is a carrier class platform supporting a family of modular optical protection systems offering high versatility, extensibility, availability and port density. The result is cost-effective protection architecture, to meet the needs of carriers, IXC, private network operators and enterprises.

The 4U rack-mountable chassis containing 8 slots can hosts a variety of hot-swappable optical protection modules (OLP Cards), one or two redundant power supplies and control modules. The modular architecture of the FS-OLP-4U rack chassis offers low up-front cost and allows user to expand the system as their needs increase.
Key Features
4U configuration supports up to 8 protection modules Hot swappable plug in modules SNMP Remote network management Dual Power supply Peak performance and increased securitySupports various protection schemes and applications within the same platform
Dedicated protection applications: Fiber Link, equipment and optical channel (OCh) Shared protection applications

For more detailed information or any custom requirements, please contact with Fiberstore sales team at sales@fs.com.

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