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Individueller Schutz von Licht-ByPass (OBP)
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Individueller Schutz von Licht-ByPass (OBP)

270,00 €  Preis: 320,00 €  (inkl. 19 % MwSt. | zzgl. Versandkosten )
Verfügbarkeit: erhältlich,  versandfertig am Do. 26. Oktober

Optical Bypass Protection System for Node Protection, Bi-directional protection in SMF, 1RU Rack Chassis

Node protection is a intelligent optical switch system which can bypass fault node in optical transmission network to avoid breakdown of whole network communication. It can automatically switch by detecting the nodes optical power or signal failure. Therefore to ensure that traffic from an LSP traversing a neighboring router can continue to reach its destination even if the neighboring router fails.
Fiberstore’s FS-OBP-S is a Standalone bypass protection equipment. In normal operations, the FS-OBP-S simply acts as a gateway that forwards network traffic to and from the network switch. However, if power is lost, the FS-OBP-S will bypass the unpowered switch and simply pass network traffic to the next switch in the relay. It is widely used in PDH, SDH, C/DWDM, power communication and CATV systems for optical monitoring.
Key Features
1:1, 1+1 and 1-1 protection for optional Less than 15ms automatic switch time SNMP Remote network management Real-time monitoring nodes from nodes failure Dual hot redundancy power supply and hot-pluggableSupports Fast, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber connections in SC/ST/FC/LC connectorsSwitching threshold power and alarming threshold power can be set up by LCD screen or network management accessThe main equipment at receiving site have three modes for switching: automatic, forced manual and remote control
Front Panel Appearance
LCD Display Board: Displaying the relevant information, such as the working Mode; Current Running Optical Line; Optical Power Value of the transmission device; Reverse conditions…etc
RJ45 Ethernet Interface RJ45 Ethernet Interface for access to the Ethernet network; remote management; supporting remote graphical window management
Enter (Esc): The button to log in and log out of the LCD menu. Press it to exit the menu or to confirm; Long press to exit the menu or cancel the setting. ▲▼:Use them to move-up and down or modify the parameters on the menu.
Optical interface introduction: There are 8 optical interfaces on the device’s control panel: T1, R1, T2, R2, T3, R3, T4 and R4.
Application Case
Protection Illustration

It shows an example of how you can implement node protection based on 1:1 protection operation. The 1:1 protection adopts 2x2 optical switch technologies. In default mode, the Tx signal towards the main line, through SDH/ADM node equipment, and the selector chooses the Rx traffic from the main line. When the middle node failure, the network will bypass the failured node and automatically switch to backup line.

It shows an example of how you can implement node protection based on 1+1 protection operation. In 1+1 operation, a splitter bridge sends the Tx signal to both line (the main line and the backup line) and a 2x1 selector switch selects the signal from one of the line. In default mode, traffic from the main line is selected. In this illustration, SDH/ADM act as an node between two transmission equipment. When the power failures, the selector near the Rx side of the failed traffic detects the failure, switches over, and selects the traffic from the backup line.

For more detailed information or any custom requirements, please contact with Fiberstore sales team at sales@fs.com.

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