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Tragbar Visueller Fehlerdiagnose ST816(3mw)
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Tragbar Visueller Fehlerdiagnose ST816(3mw)

FS P/N: ST816-3
€ 17.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 43.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Thu. Dec. 15
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ST816 650nm visual fault locator is used to identify fiber and locate faults of single-mode or multimode fiber, it is a helpful assistant to dead zone of OTDR, it also a basic maintenance tool for fiber network, LAN, ATM fiber system and telecom network system.

Note: Standard connector is 2.5mm UPP or 2.5mm UPP + FC.
If you need to connect with FC, ST or SC port, please choose the 2.5mm UPP adapter or 2.5mm UPP + FC.
If you need to connect with LC port, you can buy a 1.25mm UPP adapter or a FC male to LC female fiber adapter.
Support CW and 2Hz modulation work mode. Solid: use special laser end design to avoid damage when dropping on the floor. Long working hours: use effective laser drive circuit to ensure 1mW/650nm locator can work more than 60 hours continuously. Stable power output: use special laser driver circuit, which can ensure Stable power output in the low battery. 2.5mm universal adapter: use 2.5mm universal adapter, can match SC/LC adapters.
Put 2 pcs AA battery into this locator, press “PWR”, the indicator is on, the locator output 650nm red laser. Press “MOD”, the locator and indicator are blinking at the same time, the frequency is about 2Hz, which is convenient to check line faults.
when this visual fault locator is working, it is forbidden that eyes stare output end of the laser which will hurt eyes and skin.

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