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FOLS-105 MPO Fiber Optical Light Source
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FOLS-105 MPO Fiber Optical Light Source


Designed for fiber network testing and maintenance, which is a perfect solution for fiber optic network applications together with an optical power meter.

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FOLS-105 MPO Fiber Optical Light Source
FOPM-107 MPO Optical Power Meter and FOLS-105 MPO Optical Light Source is special for testing MPO fiber. At recent years, as the rapid development of data centre and cloud computing, also with rapid growth of multi fibers” (MPO) requirement. However, on the site of measurement process, traditional single channel Optical power meter with complex measurement and low credibility. Based on this, FOPM-107&FOLS-105 MPO products arises at this monment. The product can test the insertion loss of MPO fibers and polarity with only one key, And the integration of a variety of data storage, threshold analysis, data export and other applications, Compared with the traditional instrument, the test efficiency of FOPM-107& FOLS-105 is more than 10 times, it is the best choice for field application of MPO room test, calibration of production line, Determination of polarity.
Key Features

12/24 specific channels 100 history data reports Copy the data to the computer directly with USB interface Users can customize the threshold to test
High precision of colored LCD display Automatically entering the power saving mode when no operation for 5 minutes Humanized operation shape and easy to use Switch 4 functions interface with one key (single channel optical power meter, 12 channels Optical power meter, MPO testing, Column interface)
Item Parameter
Laser Type FP LD
Wavelength(nm) 850/1300 or 1310/1550
Frequency 0 Hz 270Hz 1KHz 2KHz
Fiber Type SMF and MMF
Interface Type MPO/PC 12/24fiber female
Output Power > -10dBm
Stability ±0.2(15min) or ±0.5(8hours)
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