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200/230μm 3,0mm Duplex Festader LWL-Kabel mit großem Kern (Mindestbestellmenge: 2km )
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200/230μm 3,0mm Duplex Festader LWL-Kabel mit großem Kern (Mindestbestellmenge: 2km )

FS P/N: 200-230DX

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Large core optical fiber is made from silica glass, which is excellent for transmission of high density optical energy from ultraviolet rays to near infrared rays. Since the core area ratio is larger than telecommunication optical fiber, large light energy such as laser can be transmitted at low attenuation. And since the core diameter is large, inputting the lights to the core can be comparatively easier.

This is a 200/230μm fiber optic indoor cable, the fiber is wrapped by Kevlar Yarn, which could ensure a good performance of tensile strength, and surrounded by 3.0mm outer Jacket.
Item Details
Fiber Type: 200/230μm
Cable Type: Duplex
Cable Diameter: 3.0mm
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): 2km
Comparison of Large Core Fiber & Traditional Optical Fiber

Large core fiber works in same manner as traditional optical fiber and offers some advantages over some traditional fiber optic designs.

There are physical limitations associated with traditional plastic and glass fibers, both are made in small diameters to maintain flexibility. Therefore, these fibers are gathered in “bunches” to make larger working diameters. Because large core fibers use a single large core, they do a better job coupling light from large focal spot devices. (See illustration below)

Large core fibers are flexible, but not as flexible as the same diameter made from small diameter fibers.

When bent at sharp angles, large diameter fibers are less efficient. (They lose more light than their small diameter fiber counterparts)

Advantages over traditional fiber
In general, large core fiber optic lighting offers the following advantages:More prone to deterioration from UV sourcesCan be field applied and installed by almost anyone. (no grinding or polishing; but the “cleave” should be uniform and perpendicular to the body of the fiber)More light is transmitted.(within equivalent areas)Better color rendering – more blue light stays in the fiber for longer distances, making the light output look “whiter” and/or “brighter”Approximate the look of neon without the costHigher temperature resistance than PMMA (Plastic acrylic) fiber (100℃vs 70℃)Available in side emitting typeReduced transmission of IR energy - less heat is transferred.(No filters required)
More prone to deterioration from UV sources Not so flexible Exposure to water/moisture will corrode the core, making the fiber uselessSpecial jacket is required for outdoor useProne to chemical metamorphosis within the core; the material becomes less flexible over time
Package 1 Package 2
Package 1: usually for indoor cable, light weight cables.
Package 2: usually for outdoor cable, heavy weight cables
Usually for each roll, the cable length is 2km, but we could provide customized package for different cable lengths.
Usually we only attach Test Report on the out package of the cable, but we could also mark as your requirements, such as:
1. Company Name
2. Cross / Net weight
3. Drum No: XX
4. Cable Length : XX
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