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Corning ClearCurve XB 200Kpsi 9/125/250µm Monomode Bare Fiber
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Corning ClearCurve XB 200Kpsi 9/125/250µm Monomode Bare Fiber

FS P/N: ClearCurve XB-200-SMBF

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Corning’s ClearCurve®XB fiber is a full-spectrum optical fiber with improved macro-bend performance compared to legacy single-mode fibers. Products of all types are constantly decreasing their size and becoming more complex. Having the ability to place fibers in increasingly smaller footprints without performance degradation is crucial to keeping the optical loss budgets low. The contribution by bend loss to the overall loss budget increases as the amount of fiber that is deployed in the bent state increases. Having a fiber that is designed for low bend loss makes these new smaller products a reality.
Item Details
Fiber Count: 1 Fiber
Core Size: 9μm
Cladding Size: 125μm
Jacket Size: 250μm
Fiber Type: Corning ClearCurve XB
Fiber Screening: 200Kpsi

Low bend loss design.Fully compatible with legacy fibers. Ease of handling and splice ability of standard single mode fibers.Economical bend loss performance. Optical attenuation that is flat across the C & L-Bands. Fully compliant with the following standards:
ITU-T G.652.D
ITU-T G.657.A1
Bend sensitive applications Footprint reduction Small size and integrated EDFA's Couplers Pigtails/patch-cords

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