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Corning Infinicor 300 OM1 62,5/125/250µm Multimode LWL-Kabel
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Corning Infinicor 300 OM1 62,5/125/250µm Multimode LWL-Kabel

FS P/N: Infinicor 300-OM1-BF

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Corning Infinicor 300 is Corning's laser optimized 62.5/125μm multimode fiber for high speed, VCSEL laser-based local area networks (LAN) and local access networks. It guarantees the bandwidth of 1Gb/s over 300m at 850nm and 1Gb/s over 550m at 1300nm.

In today’s enterprise networks, bandwidth demands are growing rapidly. That's because end-user productivity is increasingly dependent on instant accessibility and high throughput of information. Narrow bandwidth constricts your capacity to succeed. Corning's 62.5μm Infinicor fibers, the worlds first laser-optimized 62.5μm multimode fibers, help you to stay ahead of escalating network demands.
Item Details
Fiber Count: 1 Fiber
Core Size: 9μm
Cladding Size: 125μm
Jacket Size: 250μm
Fiber Type: Corning ClearCurve ZBL Single-mode
1Gb/s over 300m at 850nm. 1Gb/s over 550m at 1300nm. Greater distance capability at data rates up to 1Gb/s in both the 850nm and 1300nm windows. Higher data aggregation in the backbone, riser and horizontal, compared with non-laser-optimized fibers. Full compatibility with the broad range of laser-based and legacy protocols and applications. Superior measurement technology and manufacturing control. Industry-leading CPC® coating for superior micro-bend and environmental performance.
For high speed, VCSEL laser-based local area networks (LAN) Local access networks

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