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1 Kanal DVI (Video/Audio/Daten) über LWL-Transmitter und Set des Empfängers
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1 Kanal DVI (Video/Audio/Daten) über LWL-Transmitter und Set des Empfängers

FS P/N: FS3611A-T/R
470,00 €  Preis: 550,00 €  (inkl. 19 % MwSt. | zzgl. Versandkosten )
Verfügbarkeit: erhältlich,  versandfertig am Di. 31. Oktober

1 Channel DVI over Single-mode Optical Fiber Transmitter and Receiver Set  with 1 Channel Bidirectional Stereo Audio FC 20km
The FS3611 transmits 1-channel DVI video signal and 1-channel stereo audio and 1-ch data RS232 over one fiber, single mode or multimode, without compression, scaling and adjustments.
It is ideal for Digital signage, broadcast or corporate studio, auditorium, stadium and theater, airport or transportation hub, distance learning, and surgical or medical imaging applications, to name a few.

And DVI Fiber Optic Transmitter should be worked with DVI Fiber Optic Receiver. The price on the website is for Pair.
CRAFT: Uncompressed technology VIDEO SPEC: 1080P 60Hz Transmisson Distance: 20km Fiber Type: Single-mode SimplexAudio: 1 channel bidirectional stereo Audio 1-channel DVI video signal of computer and 1-channel stereo audio and 1-ch data RS232,PS2 for K&M over one fiber optic Support HDTV highest resolution 1080P 10-bit digital video encoding and uncompressed transmission technology Applied to the needs of computer long-distance transmission of industrial monitoring, large venues etc… Strictly selection material and quality control in order to ensure high quality and high reliability System status could be monitored by the power and other parameters LED indicator Excellent cost performance Stand-alone Lower power consumption and free installation, debugging
Remote OB Van/Truck Video Feeds Broadcast Studio Camera Feeds Long-haul Signal Transport TV station/video conference Lecture Hall Projector Connectivity Medical/Surgical Room Broadcast Building to video conference callingSmall corporate campus video links
Product connection diagram

Make to Order (Extend information)
Video Interface Stereo Audio Fiber Type Fiber Port Data Port Power Supply
1 channel DVI 1 channel forward
1 channel reverse
1 channel bidirectional
Single-mode Simplex FC
1 channel Forward RS485/RS232/RS422
1 channel reverse RS485/RS232/RS422
1 channel bidirectional RS485/RS232/RS422
1. Fiber Port: FC and ST is available,and for SC/LC connector, Fiberstore will provide you a corresponding patch cable for connector conversion for free
2.1 U rack mount: The standard is with 4 slots, Fiberstore will offer you dam-board for free when some slots is empty.

Ordering information
DVI Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receiver
FS3611-T/R 1-ch DVI, single fiber
FS3611A-T/R 1-ch DVI, 1-ch bidirectional audio, 1-ch RS232, single fiber
FS3611B-T/R 1-ch DVI, 1-ch bidirectional audio, 1-ch RS232, single fiber
 Note:Our standard single mode is 20KM, multimode is 2KM, please inform us your fiber mode and distance, when you place an order.
  1. 1U rack support 4 DVU cards.
  2. 4U rack support 13 pcs of DVI card with dual power
  3. 4U rack support 15 pcs of DVI card with single power

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