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Kundenindividuelle Breakout Innen-LWL-Kabel
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Kundenindividuelle Breakout Innen-LWL-Kabel

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Breakout Indoor Rated Cable

The fiber cable could be pre-connected, is widely applied as access building cable, interconnected between equipment, etc.

The breakout type cable contains several fibers, each with its own jacket and all of them surrounded by one common jacket. Tight-buffered simplex cords are surrounded with aramid yarn and jacket, and then stranded around a central FRP member.
Cable Structure
Big capacity, 4~24 fibers are all available. The special outer jacket isolates the fiber conductors from outside moisture. Cable features an easily-strippable 900µm coating for easier handling. Non-metal FRP central strength member, light weight, anti-electromagnetic interference.
Ideal for backbone, horizontal, and intrabuilding runs Used in pigtails and patch cords Used in optical connections in optical communication equipment rooms and optical distribution frames Used in optical connections in optical apparatus and equipment
Package 1 Package 2
Package 1: usually for indoor cable, light weight cables.
Package 2: usually for outdoor cable, heavy weight cables
Usually for each roll, the cable length is 2km, but we could provide customized package for different cable lengths.
Usually we only attach Test Report on the out package of the cable, but we could also mark as your requirements, such as:
1. Company Name
2. Cross / Net weight
3. Drum No: XX
4. Cable Length : XX
Our Factory
Fiber Coating
Gel Filling
SZ Strand
Sheath cover
Production Line

Cable production throughout the chart
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