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1x8 LWL-Splitter Klemmenkasten als Verteilerkasten FS-CPC-8A
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1x8 LWL-Splitter Klemmenkasten als Verteilerkasten FS-CPC-8A

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1x8 Fiber Optical Splitter Terminal Box As Distribution Box FS-CPC-8A
Fiberstore's Insert Fiber Optical Splitter Terminal Box belongs to distribution box, it is mainly used Blade Design, and which is equipped with splitter module, PLC splitter and connector. The material of this box is usually made ​​of PC, ABS, SMC, PC+ABS or SPCC. The box is suitable for fiber terminational point to complete connection, distribution and scheduling between perimeter fiber cables and terminal equipment. Therefore it widely used in optical fiber communication network project.

Note: This box does not contain Fiber Splitters and Splitter Module. If you need them, we can install them for you with few chargers.

Sufficient slot design Plug in type splitter design Easy and save time for adjust fiber Easy and convenience for installation Install in the wall or telegraph pole Upper layer light splitting,Lower layer splicing Specific FTTH cable and outdoor cable lock device Use the mounting plate seperating the up and down
Fiber Splitter: 1x8 Box Material: PC Box Dimensions: 340x260x90mm
Performance Index
Size (mm) 340x260x90 mm 340x260x90 mm 430x350x100 mm
Weight (KG) 3.5 KG 5.5 KG 8 KG
1x8 Plug in Type Splitter 1pc=1x8 PLC (available) 2pc=2x{1x8 PLC}(available) 4pc=4x{1x8 PLC} (available)
1x16 Plug in Type Splitter - 1pc=1x16 PLC (available) 2pc=2{1x16 PLC}(available)
1x32 Plug in Type Splitter - - 1pc= 1X32 PLC (available)

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