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2 x 100M Ethernet-Ports und 2 x SFP Modul Ports System Kontrollkarte
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2 x 100M Ethernet-Ports und 2 x SFP Modul Ports System Kontrollkarte

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2 x 100M Ethernet Ports and 2 x SFP Ports System Control Card for Management of System
FS-P-OTP800-SC control board, built with high-speed ARM9 processor, is specially designed for FS-P-OTP800 family. It provides large data processing capacity and supports graphical user interfaces, which helps to realize intelligent service configuration, refined management and maintenance, as well as rapid network deployment.
Appearance of the Front Panel
Valid Slots
A dedicated slot is designed for the FS-P-OTP800-SC.
Valid Slots in the Sub-racks

a. In the FS-P-OTP800-2S rack mount, there is no slot designed for SC control board.
b. In the FS-P-OTP800-4S rack mount, the valid slot of the board is SLOT1 only.
c. In the FS-P-OTP800-11S rack mount, the valid slot of the board is SLOT1 only.

Functions and Features
Functions and Features Description
Basic Functions It provides interfaces of the system and the EMS. Management of boards can be achieved in coordination with the EMS.
Moreover, mutual communication between devices can be achieved.
It fulfills the treatment of corresponding overhead.
It performs the treatment of the two OSCs, as well as the treatment of the receiving and transmitting of optical signals over
It provides 2 RJ45 and 2 SFP optical interfaces which supports the following functions:
1. It provides dedicated channel for device management to facilitate the device management in areas without public
network, so as to guarantee the security of devices;
2. It supports the stacking of several local devices to fulfill the comprehensive management of several devices, so as to
save public network resource.
3. It achieves unified management of ring networking devices by north-south interfaces of the boards.
Two-layer Switch Function It supports IP communication between sub racks.

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