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1x16 Fasern LWL Splitter kassette mit A Typ
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1x16 Fasern LWL Splitter kassette mit A Typ

FS P/N: SA-1x16F-FS
€ 22.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 5.70
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Tue. Dec. 13
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1x16 Fibers Optic Splitter tray with A Type
Fiber optic splice trays are designed to provide a location to store and to protect the fiber cables and the splices. Each tray provides space for mounting fiber splice protectors and excess fiber. It’s divided into Common splice tray, Module integration and Splitter tray.

Optical fiber glass inside the fiber tray can be melt with any other strand optical fiber in the tray, thus different fiber optic cables can be melt connected directly via the tray. Optical cable fiber can also be melted with the fiber optic pigtail end, and via pigtail it can connect out to other fiber optic equipment.

1x16 fibers optic connection With a cover-plate on the tray after fusion Offers a unique and flexible splice and storage system That not only ensures the curvature radius of fiber, but also prevents the eyes from highlight Every board can be clamped with FC, SC, LC adapters, or ST adapters which needed to be added plastic sleeve Meet to IEC and RoHS Compliant
Fiber Optic Splitter
Size:320x210x25 mm Material: HIPS Flame Color: Blue and Green(Optional) Capacity: 1x16 fibers Connector loss:<=0.5dB Life:1000 times Working temperature: -40°C+55°C Relative humidity: ≤ 85% (30° ) Air pressure: 70~106Kpa Standard working wavelength: 850, 1310, 1550nm Back wave loss: PC>=40Db, UPC>=50dB, APC>=60Db
Fiberstore offers splice trays to fit individual needs of customers. They are designed for simple, cost effective low and mid-sized fiber splicing applications. Each tray is supplied with splice holders that secure and protect both fusion and mechanical splices, also the top cover is included. Trays are designed to accommodate up to 12 splices and 12 adapters and can be mount in patch panels or directly into distribution cabinets.

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