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ADL2+Tester ADSL2 Tester ADSL Tester FS801D
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ADL2+Tester ADSL2 Tester ADSL Tester FS801D

FS P/N: FS801D
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€ 120.00
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ADSL2+ Tester is an easy-to-use, hand-held advanced telecommunication tester that used for the installation, maintenance and measurement of ADSL2+ service. It supports the testing function such as parameter, error, DMM, PING that related to ADSL2+ service, user register authentication on the ADSL2+ user’s line side. It also directly enables the engineers to verify, troubleshoot and evaluate the ADSL2+ service. It is the right tool for the job.
Comply with multi-standards: ITU-T G.992.1 (G.DMT), ITU-T G.992.2 (G.Lite), ADSL2(G.992.3), ADSL2+(G.992.5) Automatically fit for the ADSL line standards, real-time display ADSL line connection status Support both WAN PING and LAN PING Support replacing MODEM and simulating the whole process of login on Internet High resolution backlight large LCD, Handheld design and easy-to-use Built-in Li rechargeable battery and smart charger circuit. High storages capacity, can store up to 70 groups of test results including settings and results information. Various Voice alarm and LED indications
Testing data
Line standard
Frame structure
Line connection
--Fast Bit Rates (FAST): Upstream and Downstream
-- Interleaved Bit Rate (INTL): Upstream and Downstream
-- Max Bit Rate: Upstream and Downstream
-- Utilize Rate: Upstream and Downstream
---Transmit Power: Upstream and Downstream
-- Line Attenuation: Upstream and Downstream
-- SNR Margin (Signal to Noise Ratio) : Upstream and Downstream
Link:(Near and Far)
Loss of Power (LOP) Loss of Signal (LOS) Severe Error Frame (SEF) Reed-Solomon Forward Error Corrections (FEC) INTL Reed-Solomon Forward Error Corrections (FEC) FAST Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) anomalies INTL Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) anomalies FAST No Cell Delineation (NCD) INTL No Cell Delineation (NCD) FAST  Header Error Check (HEC) INTL  Header Error Check (HEC) FAST Out of Cell Delineation (OCD) INTL Out of Cell Delineation (OCD) FAST Sever Error Second (SES) Error Second (ES) Bit Error (BE)

Downstream Transmit Speed Threshold
Downstream SNR Margin Threshold
Downstream Channel Threshold
Downstream Line Attenuation Threshold
Upstream Line Attenuation Threshold

SNR and Character bits allocation (graphic format) under 256/512 DMT
PING testing
WAN PING testing:IP or domain ping testing, statistic Percentage of PING packet loss
LAN PING testing:IP PING testing, Find out the faultily connected PC and statistic Percentage of PING packet loss
--AC, DC voltage
-- Round resistance
--Line capacitance
-- Estimate line distance
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