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6x Ersatzband für CLEANCORE LWL-Kassette Reiniger
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6x Ersatzband für CLEANCORE LWL-Kassette Reiniger

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Optical Connector Cleaner CLEANCORE Tape-6 Pieces
CleanCore is a fibre optic cleaning cassette designed to allow fibre optic engineers to effectively clean the end-face of a ferrule in a connector. The compact CleanCore unit allows single-handed operation, simply squeeze the red lever on the side of the unit, which opens the protective cover, advances the cleaning fabric thereby exposing the next controlled strip of clean fabric. n additional holster is also available that allows the engineer to attach the CleanCore to their belt and provide an effective, portable, packet sized cleaning solution for fibre optic connectors.
The CleanCore is initially supplied with a removable cassette containing the fabric, which supports 400 cleaning cycles. Suitable for the following connector types: FC, SC, SC2, ST, SMA, DIN, LC, MU, Din. Clean kinds of Connector More than 500 times/cartridg Replacement reel 
Efficient and easy to use Delivers consistently high quality cleaning performance Lightweight and safe to use Anti-static resin is used Part No.: CLEANCORE Suitable for the following connector types: FC, SC, SC2, ST, SMA, DIN, LC, MU, Din Cleaning time: 500 times Size(mm) : W 115 × H 79 × D 32 Replacement Reel Code: RE-SCK-COR
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