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Taktischer Stecker zu Stecker LWL-kabel Steckverbinder
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Taktischer Stecker zu Stecker LWL-kabel Steckverbinder

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Tactical Fiber Optics Connector
This connector is hermaphroditically designed for use in environmentally harsh conditions. It could be mounted to the wall of shelter, vehicle terminal box and other cabinets.
Hermaphroditic Design for Versatility---Enables multiple identical assemblies to be connected Hermaphroditic Dust Cap---Dust caps connect together to prevent dust and moisture penetration during deployment Orientation Pin Design---Ensures fast blind connection Commercial Ceramic Ferrule Technology---Enables connector to provision multimode and single mode interconnect with a variety of polishes including SPC and UPC Highly-intensified all dielectric compound material shell---Is light and intensified, and EMI free Fixing part on the head---Ensures that the connector could be mounted to the wall of shelter, vehicle terminal box and other cabinetCable length: 1MConnector: tactical fiber optics connector plug to plug
outdoor bad environment using optical fiber communication outdoor communication equipment connected The military communication equipment connected oilfield, mining communication connection remote wireless base station video monitoring system optical fiber sensor railway signal control application intelligent substation communication
Insertion loss ≤ 0.7 dB
Return loss ≤ 0.50dB
Channel 2,4
Durability ≥ 500 cycles
Operating Temperature -40 ~85℃
Kind Note:
As plug should work with socket, this product should be ordered together with Tactical Socket to Socket Fiber Optics Cable Connector, thus not be order individually
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