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72 Fasern 2In-2Out FS-S001 Serie Wärmeschrumpfender Typ Vertikal/Dome LWL- Spleissmuffe
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72 Fasern 2In-2Out FS-S001 Serie Wärmeschrumpfender Typ Vertikal/Dome LWL- Spleissmuffe

FS P/N: FS-S001-4IO-72
MFG PART#: FS001-4IO-72
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FS-S001 Series 4 Entries Vertical/Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure Max. Capability up to 72 Fibers
Vertical (Dome) fiber optic splice closures are made of excellent engineering plastics.Fiberstore.COM supply different ports types, fittings and different fiber optic core numbers for vertical/dome fiber optic splice closures. The main application for vertical fiber optic splice closure is in CATV, telecommunications and fiber optic networks. They are suitable for protecting optical fiber splices in straight through and branching applications, and can be used in aerial, duct and direct buried fiber optic cable projects.
Key Features
High-strength engineering plastic shell High mechanical performance Great aging resistant ability Excellent sealing performance Endure harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, tensile cable distortion and strong temperature changes Does not require special tools, easy to install and open the duplicate. The use of reusable components to open seal in order to ensure a good airtight waterproof performance. Come with related fiber optic trays and splice protection sleeves The scope of application : aerial, direct-buried, wall-mounting, duct-mounting
Main Technical Parameters
The application of temperature : -40℃~65℃ Atmospheric pressure: 70~106KPa Resist pull: >1000N Insulation resistance: >2×104MΩ Resist pressure: >2000N/10cm2pressure,time 1 min Dielectric strength: 15KV (DC)/1 min spark-over and no flying arc.
No. of Cable Inlet/Outlet: 4(one oval port and three round ports) Number of Fibers, Bunchy: 72 Sealing of Shells: Silicon rubber Sealing of Inlet/Outlet ports: Heat-shrinkable tube Length:435 mm, Diameter:190 mm Weight: 2.6kg
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