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Individuelles E2000 UPC zu E2000 UPC 8 Fasern OM1/OM2 Multimode Gepanzertes Breakoutkabel 3,0mm Schenkel
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Individuelles E2000 UPC zu E2000 UPC 8 Fasern OM1/OM2 Multimode Gepanzertes Breakoutkabel 3,0mm Schenkel

FS P/N: MM-E2000U-E2000U-8F-AC-XX-PVC
Kabellänge kann in jeder Länge angepasst werden, wie Sie forderten.

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US$  69,00
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FC/UPC to SC/UPC 62.5/125 OM1 MM 12 Core Armored Patch Cable
Armored patch cable can be deployed directly in different harsh environment, without additional tube for protection, save space, reduce construction cost, and make the maintenance more conveniently. This Simplex Singlemode Armored Standard fiber optic cable constructed with highest quality components for unmatched durability and reliability. With a Standard Boot on each end. This cable is appropriate for use in data centers and networks with 10GbE and 8G SC applications.
With OFNR (Riser)/OFNP(Plenum) and 3.0mm thickness, this Armored Fiber Optic cable is specifically designed for light to medium duty indoor/outdoor applications. Its rugged shell with steel and kevlar is 10 times stronger than regular Fiber Optic Cable and has a 40% higher rated range of operating temperature. Deploy this cable in environments where networking equipment undergo repeated abuse.
Fiberstore Multimode 62.5/125 12 Core armored patch cable transfer speeds in high bandwidth application, up to 5 times faster than standard 62.5/125um fiber patch cable. With Fiberstore good development, we can offer more and more competitive price on a relatively higher-end armored patch cables.

Warm Tips:The default fiber diameter for the cable is 2.0mm,if you'd like to customize other types as 3.0mm,0.9mm,please kindly enquiry us. (The diameter is refer to the thickness of the cable,the size is able to match the corresponding equipment port.)
Steel & Kevlar Shell Stainless steel tube & metal braid under outer LSZH jacket Micro diameter stainless steel tube for protection High resistance of tensile strength, pressure, rodent bite Without damage by construction Ensure transmission power and avoid additional attenuation Prevent optic fiber from destroy by harsh environment Prevent optic fiber from destroy by improper operation
FTTH, LAN, Test equipment, Military industry CATV Measuring equipments Fiber optic communication system Optical active component and equipment
Item information
Fiber: Duplex 62.5/125 Multi-mode UPC Armored Fiber Optic Cable Connector: FC-SC Connectors at ends Cable Jacket: Armored/Military Tactical OFNR (Riser) Rated Standard Boot on each end Fiber : 12 Fibers Color: Gray
Each armored patch cable is inserted in a protective flexible stainless steel tube as you see in the picture.

Custom OEM
Fiberstore offer customization solutions as below: Any Fiber Type- Single-mode 9/125 optical fiber, OM1 Multimode 62.5/125 optical fiber and OM2 Multimode 50/125 , 2 Core / 4 Core / 6 Core/ 8 Core/ 12 Core optical fiber for choice. Any connectors- FC, ST, LC, SC, MTRJ, E2000, MU etc connectors for choice. Any lengths- 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m ...100m... no limits. Label or Logo customs- we can print customer logo on fiber patch cable (as the following)

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