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576 Fasern ODF 05A 19'' Bodenmontage Verteilerkasten FS-05A-576-FM
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576 Fasern ODF 05A 19'' Bodenmontage Verteilerkasten FS-05A-576-FM

FS P/N: FS-ODF-05A-576-FM
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Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) is a fiber optic management unit which is used to organize the fiber cable connections. ODF are usually used as the interface between optical transmission network, optical transmission facility and between optical cables in access network of optical fiber subscribers. Fiberstore 19" ODF floor mount offer flexible cabling access, expandable frame design and comprehensive cable management. Customer's special requirements are welcomed.
Key Features
Standard 19" floor mountable installation Provision for multiple cable entry Removable single-door for great accessibility Optical cable fixation and protection Full numbering system for excellent traceability High quality cold-rolled steel sheet with cover by electrostatic painted ensures the properly structured and neat looking Height: depends on capacity, one Integrated Splice & Distribution unit which has the capacity of 12 core within 1U height ROHS compliant
Dimension (mm): 2000*600*300 Capacity: 576 fibers Number of Trays(max): 48 Capacity of Trays: 12 fibers Standard Color: Light gray Relative humidity: ≤ 85% (30°) Air pressure: 70KPa~106Kpa Working temperature: -10℃~+60℃ Storage temperature: -25℃~+85℃
Fibre transmission networks FTTX applications Fibre exchange systems Utility networks
Order Information
Model No. Dimension Fusion Tray Maximum Capacity (cores) Material
FS-ODF-144-FM 2000*600*300 12C× 12 144 fibers SPCC
FS-ODF-216-FM 2000*600*300 12C × 18 216 fibers SPCC
FS-ODF-288-FM 2000*600*300 12C × 24 288 fibers SPCC
FS-ODF-360-FM 2000*600*300 12C × 30 360 fibers SPCC
FS-ODF-432-FM 2000*600*300 12C × 36 432 fibers SPCC
FS-ODF-504-FM 2000*600*300 12C × 42 504 fibers SPCC
FS-ODF-576-FM 2000*600*300 12C × 48 576 fibers SPCC
Kind Reminder
The dimension can be customized The price is for 144 cores ODF including the chassis and fiber splice tray, but does not come with adapters and pigtails, if you need adapters or pigtails, please contact us at sale@fs.com
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