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Fluke FIBR-1-SHOT Faser OneShot Only
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Fluke FIBR-1-SHOT Faser OneShot Only

FS P/N: Fiber OneShot
€ 22.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 2,500.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Wed. Jan. 4
Es kann eine gewisse Differenz zwischen der geschätzten Zeit und der aktuellen Zeit.
Fiber OneShot PRO takes the complexity out of singlemode fiber testing by analyzing fiber links and measuring faults up to 15 miles in less than five seconds.
Whether you are troubleshooting FTTx, Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC), fiber links between Central Offices, or working on regional or rural access networks, Fiber OneShot PRO is your first response to fiber trouble.
The simple, one-button test feature means no training and can cut the average job time by 30 percent.
This new class of tester fills the gap between a VFL and OTDR because it easily and quickly locates lossy connections, high-loss faults and breaks in a single mode fiber network.
This frontline fiber troubleshooter is an essential tool for anyone working with single mode fiber.
Durable to survive drops, vibrations and impacts Output wavelengths 1310 nm ± 25 nm Adjustable dB limit mode Adjustable index of refraction (I.O.R.) mode Adjustable APC/UPC mode Adjustable feet/metric mode Self calibrating, factory calibration not required Removable/cleanable SC adapter Quick change battery compartment, no screwdriver needed Field-replaceable (2) AA batteries Extended battery life, up to 5,000 tests Battery life gauge Auto shut down to extend battery life Extra large liquid crystal display (LCD) with programmable backlight for use in any environment Essential fiber test results displayed numerically, no interpretation needed
Benefits that increase your productivity
New CheckActive™ feature: alerts the user if an optical signal is on the fiber Instant-on: no boot/load time Measure the length to a break, end, dirty end face/bulkhead, or reflective event quickly and accurately from 0 – 9,999 feet (note* 0 – 6,000 meters displayed in metric mode) No dead zone: locate fiber faults at 1-meter Single button testing: essential fiber testing in just a few seconds
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