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Fluke OF-500-S LWL-Multimode Value Bundle
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Fluke OF-500-S LWL-Multimode Value Bundle

FS P/N: OF-500-S
€ 39.00 nach United States per DHL
€ 1,800.00
Verfügbarkeit: Erhältlich, Geschätzt am Wed. Oct. 26
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As bandwidth increases to more than 10 Gb/s, the use of fiber optics in premise networks continues to grow- and so do the requirements for testing and certifying it. To ensure the performance of mission-critical fiber infrastructure, network owners need a more complete picture of their fiber plant. And no solution provides a more complete picture than OptiFiber.
OptiFiber integrates power/loss, fiber length measurement, OTDR analysis and fiber connector end-face imaging to provide a higher tier of fiber certification and diagnostics. The companion LinkWare PC software documents, reports and manages all test data.
OptiFiber enables network owners of all experience levels to certify fiber to customer specifications and new industry standards, troubleshoot connection-rich links, and thoroughly document results. It will improve the health of your fiber network. Your fiber cabling will be ready and capable to perform for high-bandwidth applications.
Tier 2 Fiber Certification Powerful Diagnostics Auto OTDR Analysis Loss Length Certification Fiber End-face Inspection ChannelMap View Power Meter Results Management Easy-to-use Interface OTDR Port Check Multiple Languages Modularity and Portability
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Mainframe(OF-500), battery, multi-mode module(OFTM-5610B), carrying case with straps, USB cable, AC adapter, Linkware CD and manual, user guide and calibration instructions


MM/ SM OTDR/ OPM/ LL module (OFTM-5612B/ OFTM-5732), 62.5um, 50um and SM launch fiber, 32MB MMC, USB cable, 200x/ 400x magnification video microscope (OFTM-5352), MMC reader, all the accessories for testing MMC and SC


Single mode module (OFTM-5730)


Multimode / single mode (OFTM-5610B / OFTM5730)

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