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Fluke Networks DTX kompakt OTDR DTX-OTDR-KIT
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Fluke Networks DTX kompakt OTDR DTX-OTDR-KIT

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Fluke Networks Compact OTDR module is the latest enhancement to the DTX CableAnalyzer. In addition to performing copper certification and diagnostics, your team can become fiber testexperts when you decide to grow your business and turn your cable tester into an OTDR. This full featured, compact OTDR module snaps onto a DTX Cable Analyzer and provides unmatched ease of use for premises fiber testing. Choose a kit that includes a DTX mainframe and smart remote, options for copper certification, optical loss/length capability, or order a module and software that can be installed on a your own DTX Cable Analyzer.
Turn your cable tester into an OTDR Test and troubleshoot fiber like an expert with easy-to-use DTX Compact OTDR Shoot OTDR traces on singlemode and multimode links at 850 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm
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DTX-1800 includes DTX mainframe smart remote, linkware, 2 headphones 2 ac charger, USB Interface Cable, user manual and carrying case.


DTX 1800 Copper/Fiber/OTDR Kit: Includes DTX-1800 Cable Analyzer, Sets of Multimode DTX MFM2 and Single mode DTX SFM2 Fiber (loss/length) Modules, DTX Compact OTDR Module, launch fibers, accessories and carrying case(s).


DTX OTDR Kit: Includes DTX Compact OTDR, launch fibers, accessories and carrying case(s).

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