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OC-12/STM-4 IR-1 SFP Transceiver - 1310nm 15km
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OC-12/STM-4 IR-1 SFP Transceiver - 1310nm 15km

FS P/N: SFP-622IR-31
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OSFP-6M31-15(SMF, 1310nm, 15km, LC)
Fiberstore OSFP-6M31-15 622Mbps SFP Transceiver supports link lengths of 15km on single-mode fiber cable, at a wavelength of 1310nm.
It primarily enables bandwidth 622Mbps optical links over 9/125μm single-mode fiber terminated with LC duplex connectors and can be used in commercial temperature environment for interoperability with 622Mbps interfaces.
FS.COM stands behind the quality of our products and proudly offer a limited lifetime warranty.
Form Type: SFP Data Rate: 622 Mbps
Wavelength : 1550nm Max Cable Distance: 15km
Interface : LC duplex Optical Components: FP 1310nm
Cable Type: SMF DOM Support: NO
Commercial Temperature Range:0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F) HTS-Harmonized Code: 8517706000
Ordering Information
Part No. Data Rate (Gbps) Wavelength (nm) TX Power (dBm) Re Sens. (dBm) Transmission Distance Fiber Type Connector Type Temp. Range Digital Diagnostics
OSFP-6M85-5M ≤ 622 850     500m MMF LC Com./Ex./Ind. Yes/NO
OSFP-6M31-2 ≤ 622 1310 -15~ -8 ﹤-23 2km MMF LC Com./Ex./Ind. Yes/NO
OSFP-6M31-15 ≤622 1310 -15~ -8 ﹤-28 15km SMF LC Com./Ex./Ind. Yes/NO
OSFP-6M31-40 ≤ 622 1310 -3~2 ﹤-28 40km SMF LC Com./Ex./Ind. Yes/NO
OSFP-6M55-40 ≤ 622 1550 -5~ 0 ﹤-28 40km SMF LC Com./Ex./Ind. Yes/NO
OSFP-6M55-80 ≤ 622 1550 -3-2 ﹤-28 80km SMF LC Com./Ex./Ind. Yes/NO
OSFP-6M55-100 ≤ 622 1550 0~5 ﹤-30 100km SMF LC Com./Ex./Ind. Yes/NO
OSFP-6M55-120 ≤ 622 1550 0~5 ﹤-34 120km SMF LC Com./Ex./Ind. Yes/NO
OSFP-6M55-160 ≤ 622 1550 1~5 ﹤-37 160km SMF LC Com./Ex./Ind. Yes/NO


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