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Coaxial Abisolierzange 3-Klingen-Modell HT-312S
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Coaxial Abisolierzange 3-Klingen-Modell HT-312S

FS P/N: HT-312S
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Coaxial Cable Strippers 3-blades model HT-312S
HT-322 with streamlined design, no replacement cassette is needed and no adjustment for V-block. Tool has been preset for RG58/59/6.
For stripping different materials of cable, use the built-in hex key to align the sensitive socket and adjust the blade for good results.
HT- For stripping RG cable Stripping distance
322 RG-58/59/62/6
312A RG-59/62/6/4C/5C
312B RG-58/59/62/3C/4C
312X For cable O.D. from 3.5-5mm
312S 322S3 For big cable O.D. around 10.5 such as RG-213
Length: 4.3" (108mm)
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